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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. I bought it. I'm addicted.
  2. Gossip Girl is going at a better pace than the OC did, the OC had a tedious 3rd season and to be honest it's better to just skip over it entirely and move onto the 4th which was even better than the 1st season in the end. The OC is a great show but I think they learnt from their mistakes on that show a bit more with Gossip Girl. Is Gossip Girl on next week in the UK or have we broken up for a few months with it now?
  3. The final episode of season three makes the whole season worth it though.
  4. I'm not saying season 3 didn't have good points, the final episode is tragic and just amazing really and the introduction of Taylor Townsend were good but that's about it really...the whole season was going through the motions and had too many episodes, I really think that the 4th season was brilliant because of the fact that it only had 16 quality episodes.

    Back to Gossip Girl I think it's safe to say that we will get a 4th Season next year but will it go much longer than that?! I mean One Tree Hill has ran for years now but I can't see Gossip Girl getting to 7 Seasons even though it's a much better show than One Tree Hill.
  5. I think it will probably be picked up for a fourth season but that will probably be the last: I can't see it going into them being much older than college.
  6. But it seems to be much more successful than One Tree Hill and that has carried on.
  7. Yeah I guess, but I can't see Gossip Girl advancing into them having left college / starting families / having real jobs or whatever...

    Also, rating wise One Tree Hill had higher ratings than GG seasons 1, 2, 3. OTH season two was almost 5 million, where as Gossip Girl hasn't risen above three mill (I think it's a better show though)
  8. Five seasons would be nice. I'm only four episodes in and I can't bear the idea of there only being four seasons.
  9. I'd have made their school year last longer than just two series,personally-it's so good I'm sure nobody would have noticed them ageing at half the rate of the real world,and I liked the feel of the show more when they were all together in school. They could have done a series per term.
  10. I agree that they should have split one school year between two seasons, much in a similar way to what One Tree Hill did Seasons 1 to 4 before their time-jump.
  11. I agree with this as well. I do love the show but I can't see it going past season 4, sadly. However, they could maybe do a spin-off based on the new book series "Gossip Girl: The Carlyles" which is about the Carlyle triplets who become the new 'it' kids at Constance Billard/St.Judes... Haven't read them yet but apparently they're quite good.
  12. Sounds like a great idea, but I'd prefer them crash in a new season stirring things up for the main cast... After they've gotten ridden of some the irrelevant case
  13. I have always found Vanessa completely irrelevant but in the 3rd season she is much more interesting, her new dynamic with Dan and the introduction of her mother has given her much more substance than she ever had.

    I am glad they are out of school to be honest, in the Thanksgiving episode just on (which I loved by the way, don't understand the criticism and it was great to hear Whatcha Say in it, very effective obviously in a completely different way to how it was used in the OC but great to hear it) Blair mentioned that Serena was 18 years old and it just seems pathetic to even pretend that as only Eric and Jenny look below the age of 18.
  14. I'm looking forward to them getting out of school... the only thing about the whole show that irks me is that they're all clearly above school age.

    (I'm up to season one, episode six by the way.)
  15. If you think "Gossip Girl" is bad for the whole older actor thing, "90210" takes the piss. They're all meant to be 15/16! And not only that but they frequently mention it in the show! At least "Gossip Girl" has the decency to not mention the charcters' ages too much...

    By the way, there's gonna be a manga adaptation of the books (or one of the books, anyway) next year. Here's a preview:

  16. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Erm if I wanted to watch 15 year olds play 15 year olds I'd watch Sweet 16.
  17. But vas, seriously, in the episodes leading up to Annie's birthday party in season 1 and she kept on saying stuff like 'Dad, I'm 15 now!' I was rolling and my eyes and shouting at the TV, 'Annie, you're clearly about 25!'

    Also, Taylor Momsen is actually about the same age as Jenny, I think, and she actually looks it. Well, she did - this new Queen Bee look makes her look a bit older, but still very teenage.
  18. I'm loving it more and more. But it's depressing me. I want to be that rich and ridiculously attractive and witty. Or at least be on a TV show that lets me pretend to be. I may have to get a job in New York or LA when I'm done with my degree.
  19. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Isn't Shanae Grimes (worst name/surname ever) 20 anyway?
  20. The girl who plays Annie on 90210 is 20, as is the boy who plays her brother, the oldest people are the boys who play Navid and Teddy.
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