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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. I think you mean LoveGame Duff

    The vocals.
    The acting.

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  2. I'm glad we all hate Serena.
  3. Season three was full of choices, wasn't it? Remember Blair going to NYU? Then recruiting girls to serve her as minions like they were all 16 and going to Constance?
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  4. Dan's progressive gauntness and ever increasing afro were very puzzling and gross.
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  6. Not Young Amanda Clarke
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  7. I only really watched Season 1 and half of Season 2 but I loved Georgina. I hope she has a cameo and terrorizes these students because she has nothing better to do.
  8. If went to shit after Season 2
  9. Don’t think anyone ever posted this teaser image.


    It’s going to be interesting to see how the show will differ from the original, especially because fashion as we knew it back in the 2000s is kind of dead and technology has evolved so much (the original show barely touched on social media and only used GG as their main online platform). The image kind of indicates that the fashion will be more street style-focused which is basically what the big designers are doing. Definitely not going to look and feel exactly the same as the original show.
  10. It went to shit when the Writer's Strike began mid season 1. Only after that Georgina kinda saved it.

    I stopped watching during the second season.
  11. No idea why they are rebooting this.
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  12. Give me a reboot of the OC over this
  13. Season 3 had highlights (Katie Cassidy) and the final season jam packed a lot of returning faces which I always liked, but it did have a patchy run.
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