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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. I hope it’s the latter. The Gossip Girl character seemed to take a more aggressive tone in the final scene of the original series, as “she” passed on to a new generation. It would be fitting to essentially turn GG into a troll.
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  2. This could’ve been filmed on a shoestring budget but watching those guys making out would reel me in any day.
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  3. Considering that the showrunner for this is Joshua Safran, the guy who ran the original into the ground and showran other flops like Smash and Quantico, I wouldn't get my hopes up too high for this. But I gotta admit hearing Kristen Bell's voiceover in that trailer sent me a pure dopamine rush of nostalgia.

    And was that Luke Kirby and Laura Benanti? They alone might make this worthwhile.
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  4. I’ve been told the first episode is surprisingly great.
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  5. Wait, that trailer actually looks fantastic.
  6. Edu


    It's really odd that Tavi Gevinson plays one of the main characters but is barely featured in the trailer or in any pics with the rest of the cast - especially wearing the school uniform. And she was filming scenes with adults, fully dressed as an adult woman and not exactly looking like a glamourous rich teenager.

    Then even Kristen Bell said that the new show has this big twist in the first episode. Maybe her character is just a lonely, mysterious and precocious teen, but my theory is...

    That we will know who the Gossip Girl is right from the beginning (probably her or at least she's involved with it) and that she's actually a college student/journalist/blogger infiltrated in the school for some reason, like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed?
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  7. Perched for this. I watched the entire original run for the first time ever in lockdown last March. 121 episodes in 6 weeks and 1 day!
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  8. Well her identifier was Ambition, so this theory would make sense.
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  9. Yeah, even before the marketing began, I thought this would be the direction they'd take the new series in to mark it out as different to the original. The marketing strategy is odd, though. It essentially gives the game away for those most invested in the show. I suppose that's still a minority of the wider audience.
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  10. I never watched the original but just saw the trailer for this in a YouTube add and was intrigued. Might have to watch it, especially since I enjoy Emily Alyn Lind's acting.
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  11. Whew, it looks like Ariel Rechtshaid is involved in the music for this according to his latest Insta story.
  12. This is not what we want. I think that I speak for all of us when I say that we want rich hot problematic youth acting like rich hot problematic youth.
  13. This provides me with no hope, which is odd because Safran’s comments seem to contradict the trailer, which looks very much in line with the original series.

    We want these people to be devious, manipulative, out of touch, and downright horrible. Otherwise, what is the actual point?!

    I’m also a tad confused by the writer’s comment. Is he responding to Safran’s Tweet, or emphasizing it?

    I’m suddenly putting a lot of faith in my one friend’s positive review.
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  14. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    And also... what's the point of Gossip Girl trolling a group of young BLM activists?

    I wonder if this is the case of Safran saying something without actually meaning it.

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  16. This makes even less sense, like Safran is contradicting himself. If the characters in Gossip Girl are such good aspirational people, why would Zoya—who will undoubtedly be the gateway character—have to be careful what she wishes for?
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  17. Basically, if my reaction to the show isn't:

    They're doing something wrong.
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  19. "Let's do a revival series about extra-rich people being bitchy and manipulative!"
    "Yeah, and let's also make them WOKE!!!!"

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