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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. I’m fascinated by how you all seem to know these characters’ names when the show hasn’t even started yet!
  2. I've been obsessed with the teaser videos, tbh.
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  3. I’m legitimately reading these posts with no clue who anyone is talking about. There’s not even any source material to base this information on; I’m honestly gobsmacked. Can we stick with physical identifiers until the show premieres on Thursday?
  4. The marketing has been focused on ensuring the hardcore stans have a sense of who these new characters are so it's not surprising. The first set of promo pictures revealed the characters' names and they've since released further ones like this:

  5. There’s something in the colour palette and score that’s giving me Succession for Teens. Please be good!
  6. I'm praying that this is good. I love the original so much.
  7. "It's a fact. I'm speaking factually"
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    The Vulture review was very mixed but got me kinda excited.
    But then there's a whole explanation about who runs Gossip Girl now and why:
    "While Gossip Girl is still an anonymous tipster in the world of the show, a private-school Deuxmoi, viewers learn quickly that the newly resurrected Gossip Girl is an invention of the private-school teachers, most specifically Kate Keller (Tavi Gevinson). The trouble, the teachers have decided, is that these too-adult teens are, in fact, Too Adult. They have no regard for school etiquette and they flagrantly ignore the well-bred education the teachers are desperately trying to instill in them. The only possible recourse, Keller and her colleagues decide, is for the teachers to resurrect a decade-old gossip blog that spills personal secrets about all the most popular kids in school (??), which will then strike fear in the hearts of all the teens and inspire them to become better students (???)."
    The teachers first launch the Gossip Girl account on Twitter, but when it gets no response they realize it needs to live on Instagram. “Twitter,” one of the teachers points out, “is a glorified chatroom for meme-sharing, conspiracy theorists, and Lin-Manuel Miranda.”
  10. It's not rocket science. There has been lots of teaser material. If you follow @gossipgirl on Instagram, you already know their names. I honestly don't get the shock.
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  11. I didn’t say shocked though, I said fascinated! It’s basically just a level of engagement I can’t seem to muster up for anything these days.
  12. Same for me. I'm just not someone who invests in a show until it airs. I watch the trailer once or twice, and then remain disengaged until I have seen an episode. It's just really interesting to me to discover there are people who are already following the show's social media and keeping up with their promo content in a way that has you knowledgeable before a single episode is even available.
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  13. This is officially a Megan Ferguson stan account
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  15. I really enjoyed them having the cast in character for the "interviews." It's interesting that Tavi is still giving off the vibe that she's a student through her answers.
  16. The first episode is a mess. I expected they'd have improved more than just production value but the script was giving CW realness.
    That teachers plot might be the cringiest thing on television.
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  17. Apparently although the BBC have the rights for this in the UK they aren't showing it until later in the year.
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  19. The subplot about the teachers being Gossip Girl genuinely feels like a different show from the rest of the show. It's camp and I'm low-key living for it though.
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  20. I don't understand the reviews saying that the music featured was underwhelming. The music director is serving bops after bops after bops.
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