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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. I knew the moment was coming with Chuck's mom and Jack at the end but still I sat there with my mouth open screaming "whore" at the tv.

    Agnes is back next week!!
  2. That was horrible with Chuck's mother and Jack at the end! I really like Chuck since he's been with Blair, so I really wanted it to work out with his mum.

    I laughed when Damien walked out on Jenny, even though I thought he was a dick for doing so, because I think she's been a total brat through the whole story with him so in a way it was nice to see her get a bit of a reality check.

    Who's Agnes? I can't remember an Agnes!
  3. The one who helped Jenny create her fashion show.
  4. Id enjoy this show a lot more if they got rid of the whining blandness that is Rufus.
    Dan and Vanessa which are meant to be likeable are also irritating beyond words.
  5. I've liked Dan & Vanessa ever since they kissed to Florence, but that just means I'm putting up with how annoying they are.
    And for the first time ever, I felt sorry for Jenny when Damien left her!
  6. Try watching this show drunk! Holy fuck it is trippy.
  7. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    GG has gotten so shitty. I now jusy laugh at it. Poor show.
    And 90210 keeps getting better, Naomi...mmm.
  8. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    I could only watch until Hilary Duff came into it, it's still way too high school drama for my liking. I mean they could make it more mature surely?
  9. The latest episode has been much better than the past few weeks, very emotional episode aswell.
  10. I really think that the 3rd season of Gossip Girl has been a million times better than Season 2, the stories actually play out longer than one/two episodes and they haven't switched couples 17 times yet. I think it's found it's feet again and needs to keep going, it's been particularly good since the break.
  11. I agree with this - I'm loving everything so far this season! I don't see why it's not doing so well.
  12. I must admit I thought it would be crap once they got to college, but I think this is the best series yet- my favourite episode of the entire show has been the one where Serena and Trip were in the car crash on the anniversary of Bart's death. I think the storylines have been brilliant, although I was yelling at the TV the other night when Elizabeth made Chuck think she wasn't his mother and then left.

    I also think the couples are all brilliant now-I love Chuck and Blair together, I was one of the few waiting impatiently for Dan and Vanessa to get together and even Serena doesn't annoy me now she's with Nate, and I used to find her really irritating. I will be really annoyed if they all start switching partners again.
  13. I'm finding this season patchy. I've quite liked the latest run of episodes and I liked the way they ended the storyline with Chuck's mother; if they had let her turn out to be a complete heartless bitch like it seemed they were setting her up to be at the end of the week before I would have been disappointed.

    I did love the latest episode for actually mentioning Gossip Girl in-show... It feels like the show has moved so far away from it.

    The one thing I am glad the writer's seem to have forgotten about is Serena's (ridiculous) stint as some kind of celeb.
  14. Vanessa as Rear Window get up was amazing. Most of the time it's just her annoying weave that I hate... I LOVE her and Dan together though, it means that both characters are better although Dan was being such a twat in the most recent episode.
  15. I think it's time. Yes, Dan (or Vanessa either/or) has to be killed off.
  16. My friend and I were talking about Gossip Girl the other day and the bedhopping ways of the teenagers and how hilarious it all is. Yes we know its a TV show and it's not meant to be in any way realistic but we just love how they all seem to swap partners every few episodes.

    Vanessa has now had sex with all three of the main male characters (plus Hilary Duff!), the only one left for her now is Rufus!
    And now Jenny (who despite having the V plates still in tact certainly knows her way around the male form) has her sights set on Nate again!
  17. Yeah true! The only ones that haven't really been involved that way are Blair and Dan and Serena and Chuck, right?
  18. As if Blair Waldorf would associate herself with Lonely Boy from Brooklyn!
    And wasn't it insinuated that Chuck had made moves (against her will, like with Jenny in the Pilot) on Serena previous to the show starting?
  19. Oh yeeeeah! I forgot about that. Speaking of Serena, she has the most perfect perky boobs on TV.
  20. I don't know what the fuck the show runners are thinking with. It seems they're afraid of actually using the potentially great story lines they've been building up to, and if they do they never take it "there", to a place that's new and daring, They just loose it and drop it before it gets good. The show has turned into a real stinker. Sadly.
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