Gossip Girl

That was a really solid first episode. Just the right amount of flash, snark, and camp. Some of the characters felt underwritten but the main ensemble are really strong. Perched to see where it goes!
As a fan of the original and someone who grew up during the whole Gossip Girl phenomenon, I was really looking forward to this. I really like the show, it is beautifully shot just like the original and HBO is really putting money into it. I live in NYC and work in the event industry and they have been having launch parties for like 10 days straight, I kid you not, every day is a different Gossip Girl event. I feel like this new version has really solid characters and the frenemies storyline that we love seeing in the original. I love that the two leads in this are Black women and that they did a better job this time around with diversity and bringing in queer storylines (even though iconic Eric in the first GG was one of the reasons I came out dd). With that being said, I'm still getting used to watching a version Gossip Girl that has passed through the "HBO filter" and that is not overly melodramatic and soapy as most of the CW shows, if that makes sense. But at the same time, I feel like it couldn't have gone in any other way if they wanted this reboot to be a hit because gone are the CW glory days. Dynasty and Riverdale, anyone? ddd
I really enjoyed the first episode. It definitely feels better than all the press/show runner interviews made it out to be. My only wish would be that they dropped two episodes and not just one…
Reallllyyy enjoyed the first episode. I am looking forward to the relationships developing between the characters, especially between Audredy, Aki and Max. I am a little worried they're gonna lean way too hard into the "promiscuous bi" stereotype for Max but it's just the first episode so we'll have to see. And I love seeing Thomas Doherty in a queer role. That man is gorgeous.
can't decide if it was a good or bad idea by showing their hands in the first episode with the Teacher's plot.
It exceeded my expectations...

I feel drawn to the characters already!

Finally have something to fill the missing piece that my top 2 fave dramas left...
(PLL and GG)
Amazing production value, incredible production value… but boy was this sort of dull. Dreadful acting aside, it just all felt a bit too tame and lacking any intrigue or compelling drama. Also, the tone shift to the teacher scenes nearly threw my neck out; whatever that show is should be eliminated immediately. Perhaps it’s because I’m rewatching Élite right now, which seamlessly manages to pack in 35 ridiculous storylines into every episode, but this felt like a teen soap without any of the soapiness. Again, it’s all stunning enough to keep me watching, but for a pilot, it failed to setup much of note.

Also, Gossip Girl has always been the show’s least interesting character, and making them the central villain feels like an immediate mistake.

I’m going to finish with a question:
What was the photo of that the girls AirDrop’d around the fashion show? Did they show it & I missed it? I know Not Penelope took Not Chuck into the bathroom to take the pic, but I’m still confused as to what it was of.
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