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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. I found a way to watch this and… I was a little disappointed?

    Firstly, the teacher’s being Gossip Girl subplot feels like a major misstep. I sort of understand they wanted something more believable perhaps but Gossip Girl work as an omnipresent narrator; hence why the reveal (and attempts to put logic behind it) ruined it in the original series.

    In terms of the characters, I still don’t really understand why the two half-sisters wouldn’t be allowed to go to school together, did I miss something with that plot?

    It felt like things moved too quickly, Julien inviting Zoya to the fashion show, Zoya going back to Obie’s etc. I felt like they were rushing the setup and it took me out of the episode a little.

    I’ll continue to watch as I think it might settle into itself (and hopefully the teachers subplot is quickly sidelined). Aki and Max flirting from the outset is enough to hold my attention for now.
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  2. Their dads - especially Julien's - would freak the fuck out.
  3. There's bad blood between their fathers because their mother left Julien's father for Zoya's father. And Zoya's father low-key has Rufus energy in the sense that he thinks that the UES will have a bad influence on Zoya.
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  4. She went from cute Texas girl to "Don't fuck with queen bee" upper east side girl in a few days ddd I am living.
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  5. I do think that they had to go in heavy with Gossip Girl playing the main antagonist in the first episode to re-establish its presence in the universe and establish a need for a Gossip Girl-esque presence in the narrative. I'm sure that as the episodes continue, Gossip Girl will resume her more traditional narrator role.

    I'm in two minds about Gossip Girl being the teachers. I like it from a narrative standpoint, as I feel like it's an interesting angle that the original Gossip Girl didn't really touch on, aside from the Ms. Carr storyline, where the students at Constance Billards and St. Jude's would have zero respect for their teachers and not view them as authority figures, but the actors portraying the teachers aren't exactly doing the best job.

    At the moment, the only characters who I like are Zoya and Obie. Julien is an interesting protagonist. Max is filling the Chuck but pansexual role well. I find Audrey and Aki painfully boring, but I'm sure that they'll eventually become more interesting when they become a throuple with Max.

    And Luna and Monet give me:

    which I'm happy about, although I do wonder if they'll get more depth as the show continues or remain one-note villains.
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  6. I found myself already waiting for a potential twist with the teacher plot. It’s just asking for one.

    Other than that, I really enjoyed the first episode. It’s a nice start to an ambitious reboot.
  7. Yeah I think the mid season finale will be. Gossip Girl gets hacked. The teachers get exposed and an unknown person takes over.
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  8. Well…the show could have used some nudity on the first episode fff
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  9. I'm into it! As usual with a pilot, sometimes you need to give them time to explore the characters they're presenting, but the concepts are there and the paths they could take them could be more interesting down the line.

    I would like to see one of the teachers to get in trouble, what they're doing is beyond problematic and it would add a touch of realism to see at least one of them go down and the rest freak out. I also thought mid episode the account could be hacked at some point and taken over by someone else, that would be fun.

    I actually liked all the references to the original, they made it sound like Nate was a big deal (?) I fount it funny that they pointed out the Chuck and Blair storyline would be seen as problematic today and kii to the comment on Blair being princess for a while, what a fucking dumb storyline, but I lived for it.

    Do you guys know who the teacher that showed them the GG blog was? Were we supposed to know her from the original series?
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  10. Only fans with great memories or who'd watched recently:

  11. How could they not make stoner lacrosse player turned media mogul Nate "Will you be running for mayor?" Archibald sound like a big deal?
    Damn, that was one obscure reference.
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  12. That was quick…but expected tbh
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  13. Sies Marjan is already out of business!
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  14. Isn’t this first season also split into two parts with the remaining episodes debuting later in the fall?
  15. Josh Safran did an interview with The Daily Beast, where he said that he'd planned on Nate being Gossip Girl:
    I do find it interesting that every character the writers considered for Gossip Girl—Nate, Eric and eventually Dan—were male, despite Gossip Girl being Gossip Girl.

    Oh, and there will be a rimjob in Episode 3, so it looks like someone is going to get their ass ate, even if it isn't the music director like Twitter so kindly suggested.
  16. Just finished the first episode and I enjoyed the more “side” characters much more than the actual main storyline. Really looking forward to watching the tension build between Max, Audrey and Aki and hopefully with more episodes Monet and Luna La will be developed beyond “conniving sidekicks”.
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  17. I do like the teachers storyline, but I wish it wasn't presented so... goofy? Other than that, I have no real complaints. It's very much in line with the original. Anyway, here's another interview where its mentioned that several recurring characters will be appearing in an episode later this season.

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  18. "We didn't get to see Dan with his [15 year old little sister] Jenny sitting next to him and he's posting something about her". Right because then we would have known Dan was a sociopath from the start and that would have made him way less appealing.
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  19. A friend of mine mentioned that the teachers as GG is kind of funny since it unintentionally mirrors the little "feud" between Millennials and Gen Z that was happening on TikTok, which then spilled over onto Twitter, earlier this year and I had to scream
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