Gossip Girl

I watched this over the weekend and not sure I'll be going back to it, which is ok because we have so much tv available. The acting was very very bad, especially Julien and the teachers, the writing was clumsy but that's ok for this style of tv.

I definitely also saw the Elite inspiration on this episode, as someone else pointed out. At least they did their homework
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I was surprised by how much development Audrey got in a single episode. I found her a bit nothingy in the pilot, but they really fleshed her out in the second episode and I'm really enjoying her character more.

They're really setting her up to be a Blair-esque character though, aren't they?
Loved the second episode, but I will say one thing..
if my boyfriend broke up with me and then immediately went after my 14 year old sister, I puked not just accept that she makes him happy and I’d send gossip girl after him full throttle.
Monet and Luna find a 2nd and 3rd dimension challenge. They’re hot, but can they come up with something else.
I’m actually loving the teachers’ storyline. It’s so camp and ridiculous and they seem to be having genuine fun with it. Sure the tone struggled a bit for the first half of the episode, but by the end it seemed to find its feet.
Yeah the idea of the teachers being Gossip Girl to flesh out the class and generational conflict between them and the students is super entertaining. Even though it’s been awkwardly executed, I think they were on the right track with that idea.
Basically I’m here for Max getting his back blown out by the teacher and him and Aki going at it.

Julien is a bit of a weak point for me, she’s front and centre but I find the whole sisters storyline a little dull and nonsensical.

I’m looking forward to more of Audrey and hoping we get some more substance to Monet and Luna.
I thought episode 2 was a step up from the pilot. It felt less like it had something to prove and was weighed down by handling so much introductions and setup, and gave us a good Audrey backstory which I never expected was going to happen at all (haven’t been keeping up with any spoilers).

Basically I’m here for Max getting his back blown out by the teacher and him and Aki going at it.
This plot was the only low point for me. It was somewhat creepy when it was one sided, though the way they left it with the teacher basically made it much worse. Given the speed at which it went through the motions, hopefully they’ll be done with it in whatever next episode it comes up. Genera+ion handled this kind of storyline much better.
To me the weakest part of episode one was the party scene. Gossip Girl's whole thing was having the characters show up at some completely random and useless event looking gorgeous in formal wear and having all sorts of drama go down. Instead they wasted that first party on Julien droning on and on about Upper East Side do's and don'ts to Zoya while her friends looked as dead eyed as an Instagram model doing sponcon for flat tummy tea. Episode two improved on that, the party scenes were great and Serena would've been proud of Audrey for wearing a dress that low-cut at a school event.

Shame the show isn't any fun besides that. The writers are holding Julien back by pulling back every single time she's on the verge of acting like a real person.
Credit where its due: I kind of lived for this episode.
The cruising teacher story was a delicious (if inappropriate) way of starting the throuple plot, and the tone was better handled. The acting is still atrocious (specially Tavi and Jordan), but at least everybody is really pretty to look at.
IMDB shows a bunch of actors turning up later in the series, I'm here for Elizabeth Lail (Beck from "You") turning up.

The character of Julien is so wooden - is it the script, the actor or a bit of both? I can't tell. It's all together less lively - well, less EVERYTHING - than the original.