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I finally convinced the boyfriend to watch the first two episodes with me and color me surprised that y'all are singling out Julien/Jordan as the weak link when I felt like she's the only one really bringing the melodrama necessary to make this the frothy fun reboot it should be.

The second episode was far stronger for me and I'm relieved they haven't wasted time with moving characters in different directions but damn is the Zoya/Obie storyline basically the equivalent of the original Serena/Aaron romance in how fucking boring it is compared to everything else. I'm also really hoping in 2021 we're not about to watch Obie get off the hook for dumping his girlfriend and immediately getting with her younger sister.
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I finally convinced the boyfriend to watch the first two episodes with me and color me surprised that y'all are singling out Julien/Jordan as the weak link when I felt like she's the only one really bringing the melodrama necessary to make this the frothy fun reboot it should be.
I've felt the same, tbh. I thought that Jordan has been good to great. Tavi and the rest of the teachers remain the weak links.
Episode 3 definitely picked things up for me. I was already enjoying the show, but they really played up the hi-jinx this time around. I think each individual plot line worked well on their own and then also all together. I thought Julien in particular was pretty funny this episode, whereas she’d been just middle of the road before.

I also loved getting to see more of Luna and am hoping next week we get more Monet as well. I don’t think we’ll get any real development for those two until maybe the second half of the season, but I’m kind of living for them as just mean girls right now.
Since I've actually been watching this week by week (something I haven't done in years. The nostalgia really got me), I figured I'd pop in here so I actually had people to talk about it with!

Episode 3 really stepped things up. I was enjoying it before as well, but something about this episode, especially the second half, really fell into place. The stakes felt higher, the characters had room to breathe without all the awkward dialogue and exposition. Everything was quite engaging. I also really enjoyed getting a more real look at Max as a character behind the way he presents himself. He's easily more likeable than I ever found Chuck.

I agree with everyone that some of the acting is weak though. Mostly Tavi. I can't tell if I just find her character annoying as fuck or if it's her bad acting or a combination of both things. I also loved seeing Luna have more to do. Her actress is really talented and engaging to watch. I'm excited to get more of her and Monet as we go on, as they're more interesting than Julien or Obie so far. Obie is genuinely the blandest character and I have yet to warm to him. Why is Zoya's father okay with him dating his fourteen year old daughter?

I'm just genuinely invested no matter how messy it is.
Obie and the rest of the older teens would be around sixteen or so, wouldn't they? That's a reasonable age gap.

I saw someone say he was around seventeen. Seventeen seems a little too far from fourteen for me to feel comfy, you know? Especially if they start getting more sexual down the line. The only characters whose ages we actually know are Zoya (who has confirmed to be fourteen multiple times) and Max (who confirmed that he is of age, 18, in episode two). So it's safe to assume that the rest of them are between sixteen-seventeen?

It's just a little uncomfy. Not a deal breaker or something that I'm really angry about but still a thought.
Loved episode 3! I have to echo what others said about how it felt like everything fell into place by the end, and I think this might be the episode where everything in the show hits its stride. Excited to see where it goes.
I think my favorite part of this is getting more depth for Max's character? I think he's my favorite so far, and I'm glad they went deeper into who he is with his storyline.
The Zoya/Obie thing is a little...eh. I hope we get a confirmed age for him soon though. I'm assuming he's a junior (since in episode one I believe Luna mentioned Julien/they all were starting their junior year) which would mean he's probably 16 or 17. And since it was brought up, the age of consent is 17 in New York, but if a minor is 15 or 16, and their partner is no more then 4 years older than them, there is an exception. Since Zoya's birthday is the next episode, she'll be 15 and if Obie is 17 at most then legally they're technically in the clear. Hoping it's just a 2 year age gap though.
Also, Max is probably 18, mostly because when people say they're "of age" they mean "an adult" which would mean 18, but I guess since he was obviously pursuing sex with the teacher then he could have meant 17, since that would be of legal consent age.
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Episode 3 really sold the series for me. The storylines of the cheating around from all angles was stellar and fun - loved how everything came together at the end. The acting is still suspicious but Gossip Girl was never winning any Emmy’s anyway.
The third episode really was great. It seems like they have found their feet and how it should feel. Curious to see where it goes… also, anyone complaining about the acting in this series clearly forgets how bad the original was in that department. Dan reciting lyrics from Love Game or anytime Serena/Blake Lively tried to be relatable/show any sort of emotion… cringe.
Leighton Meester was the only great actor on the original series, so the acting on this isn't like... surprising dd. Some of the teachers are comically bad, though. That said, I'm not sure there are any standouts (like Leighton was) in terms of the cast yet to really pick up the slack. I will say that getting backstories on Max and Audrey has helped make them more than just Chuck and Blair clones.

Episode three was classic Gossip Girl in practically every sense, so I'm excited and hope it continues to get better with each episode.