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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Not the male Jenny Humphrey almost getting his hole ate.

    Episode 3 showcased some promise; Emily got to showcase some of that classic Gossip Girl comedy, Max's dad struggling to eat whilst decked out in Alexander McQueen, and the soundtrack continues to serve Popjustice approved bops. The younger sibling falling in love with Dan Humphrey clone is a tedious waste of screen time.
  2. What's strange to me is how much this feels like a traditional weekly network show in that they seem to be sort of finding their footing/trying things out to see what sticks. I know we're only 3 episodes in but I would've thought that this being in development for soooo long (and for a streaming platform) would've meant they'd have come out of the gate much stronger just in general. The pilot, for example, felt so half baked and weird.
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  3. Am I the only one who finds Zobie sweet? I ship them already.
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  4. To be fair, I do actually find them sweet despite my previous post. Zoya is really cute and is bringing out a more interesting side to Obie and they compliment each other really well. She's not afraid to call him out, which was actually an aspect I really loved about the last episode. So I do actually really enjoy them together.
  5. The “HBO Max” name is just code for a WB production. It’s not handled or developed by HBO proper. They are just using the HBO name for all the credit/hype to get more viewers to the streaming service. It’s why all the HBO series/content have an extra HBO under them.
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  6. To be fair, in December, they put Casey Bloys in charge of both HBO and Max so this has changed. They will nonetheless want a distinction between HBO and Max. Max will put out more shows that are broader and with a range of budgets. HBO will remain a network airing a handful of premium and prestige shows for adult audiences.
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  7. Yes, that did happen. I was speaking more on the development side of things and trying to point out the differences between the streaming service content and the “channel” content. I know a lot of friends who thought HBO was doing all of this when it, for the most part, isn’t.
  8. Three episodes in, and I’m still just so bored. The teen characters are so deeply uninteresting & underdeveloped, there is zero conflict, the episodes are long and keeping so much of the focus on the teachers & parents feels painfully misguided. There are just no stakes in this sud-free soap. I wish I could say I was even ‘hate watching’ it at this point, but everything is still leaving me entirely apathetic.

    The aesthetics & production value remains incredible, which is nice, but it feels like the obvious effort put into this tentpole series for a growing streaming platform was focused entirely on the locations/costumes/music/cinematography instead of the scripts or story.
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  9. You've hit the nail in the head with this.

    All the core conflicts feel so void and feeble:
    - the "sibling rivalry" story is moot by the end of the first episode;
    - the "teachers against students" story is not well fleshed enough to be revealed on the first 15 min (moreover, these students don't even seem that toxic to merit a public lashing by the people supposed to help them navigate life?);
    - the "abandoning my influencer status" story is dead from the moment we don't even get to enjoy Julien's life as a glittering jetsetter (she just does coke at parties? it is so banal and deja-vu).

    And, as you said, all of these don't make any sense together. It's just one (very poor) piece after another with no interesting thread making it work.
    I'll keep watching because I'm enjoying the production values (and the random cameos like Carla Hall doing dinner?) but this is not very good.
  10. Edu


    New preview for tomorrow's episode shows some framed pictures of...
    Georgina Sparks hanging with Putin, Elon Musk and Ed Sheeran?
    Honestly, just bring Michelle Trachtenberg back next season.
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  11. And also a picture of Blair. Very random... this show is strange.
  12. Ddd I'm living for the criticism but honestly I'm also living for this show. Episode 3 was pretty fantastic.

    Yes some of the threads don't quite hang together, some dynamics (the teachers) fall a bit flat, but as a whole I like some of the writing (the culmination of the Grindr cheating saga), the acting is pretty good and I like the way the show is aware of all its indulgence but also leans into it. Some of the supporting players shine, Max is chaotic and loads of fun.

    Poor Aki though.
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  13. I feel like this show might improve once they’ve gauged the feedback from this season if it continues in the same vein as the current episodes.

    I can’t remember who but one of the users on here said it would be a good idea to have an unknown person hack the GG account and continue it on whilst writing out Kate. I think this would be the best way to go, perhaps have the teens plot a classic Gossip Girl takedown and pin her to the account and have her arrested.
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  14. Oh my God, I'm only twenty minutes into Episode 4 and the scream that I let out when they introduced that new character. The writers just get it, tbh.
  15. I'm not a fan of how the episode ended though. Not sure why they had to go in that direction with the Max / Rafa storyline.
  16. I YELLED when
    Miloshowed up out of nowhere with her tea in a china cup and saucer.

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!
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  17. Omg my jaw dropped when I saw that

    With that being said, I feel like this obviosly isn’t hitting the spot in the same way the original has. I was honestly expecting the American version of Élite for this revival, but it’s giving me Gossip Girl during seasons 5-6…truly a continuation
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  18. It does lean into the campier elements of the later seasons of the original, which feels at odds with the more serious tone parts of the show has. The wacky hijinx of the Constance Billiards faculty still feels like it's scenes spliced for an entirely different show though.
  19. That character reveal was kind of iconic. I imagine they're setting up for one of those OG cameos that is happening later in the season.
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