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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Oh my God, I'm only twenty minutes into Episode 4 and the scream that I let out when they introduced that new character. The writers just get it, tbh.
  2. I'm not a fan of how the episode ended though. Not sure why they had to go in that direction with the Max / Rafa storyline.
  3. I YELLED when
    Miloshowed up out of nowhere with her tea in a china cup and saucer.

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!
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  4. Omg my jaw dropped when I saw that

    With that being said, I feel like this obviosly isn’t hitting the spot in the same way the original has. I was honestly expecting the American version of Élite for this revival, but it’s giving me Gossip Girl during seasons 5-6…truly a continuation
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  5. It does lean into the campier elements of the later seasons of the original, which feels at odds with the more serious tone parts of the show has. The wacky hijinx of the Constance Billiards faculty still feels like it's scenes spliced for an entirely different show though.
  6. That character reveal was kind of iconic. I imagine they're setting up for one of those OG cameos that is happening later in the season.
  7. I'm going to echo the "oh my god the Milo Sparks reveal was pretty iconic!!!" thing.

    This episode actually had a lot of emotional weight to me. I genuinely felt myself getting emotional in places, so I guess I'm pretty invested at this point. I am fully aware that the quality nowhere near matches up with season 1-3 of the original but I'm all in anyway.

    I also managed to con my partner into watching some of the episodes with me and they actually enjoyed them which was fun. I'm looking forward to seeing where we go from here.

    I guess a critique I can see is that most conflicts seem to be resolved oddly quickly for a show that's built around drama. But I'm looking forward to seeing what Monet and Luna will stir up next and where Audrey & Aki's plots will go.

    I'm having a good time.
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  8. Little Amanda Clarke from former Revenge stardom AKA Emily Alyn Lind is hands down the best actress on this series. It's actually a little beneath her being a part of this because she was such a gifted captivating child performer. But the show is getting progressively better and they're utilizing her to the fullest extent.

    She has the 'it' factor, just like Leighton Meester. And it certainly helps that she resembles her quite a bit.
  9. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I wouldn’t even know where to start, so let me take a critic’s recess for this week.

    I will say, it’s oddly Kate Keller with the most well-rounded storyline through the episodes, she resembles something vaguely three-dimensional. Tavi’s performance is so anxious though, she needs to relax.
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  10. Edu


    Kate Keller revealing that Gossip Girl and Girls exist in the same HBO universe when she mentioned the "literary great Hannah Horvath"... Those cigs in the writers' room are a mess.
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  11. Loved this episode - the new character was an unexpected joy. Did not like the latest development to the teacher/Max storyline, I had hoped they’d take a less obvious route with it.
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  12. I just remembered how the teachers were basically yelling about being Gossip Girl in the middle of a party. I know it was likely to be heard over the music but I still cackled.
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  13. Agreed...
    also, I still have PTSD from hearing "When I was a child... *SCREAMING IN FEAR* DADDY!"
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  14. Not Julien and Zoya dressing up as Beyoncé and Solange at the Met Gala from the year of the elevator incident.

  15. I’ve really been enjoying this so far but this last episode was the worst one by far. I think I found Zoya just a bit too annoying coupled with the back and forth with her and Julien for four episodes now. Plus the teacher / Max situation is a bit weird.
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  16. I actually felt that episode 4 was really good. Maybe it's because I just started to warm to the characters and there was really no dull moment.
  17. Yeah, I'm kind of in the opposite boat as a lot of the posters above. I thought episode 4 was the best one so far.
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  18. I genuinely think each episode is getting progressively better. I am finding (most of) these characters really endearing to watch and I'm genuinely excited to see where things will go. I'm having a great time and it's the highlight of my weeks right now since I'm going through a lot.

    Also, my partner watched episode two with me tonight and seems to have signed on to watching the show with me despite this not being their thing, so that's a win for the show I suppose.
  19. At first, I thought that it was unrealistic that Julien and Zoya could go from a seemingly good place at the end of Episode 3 to where they started at the start of Episode 4, but then I remembered how irrational and emotional I was as a teenager and suddenly it made a world of sense.
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  20. I'm also enjoying each episode more as the series progresses, the plot is taking a better pace and the characters feel more fleshed out.

    Honestly the only part that drags within an episode is the teachers plot, is getting rather lame and I mean in general, the Max/Teacher plot is gross and boring, the actor that plays the teacher is so stiff and it made no sense that he took Max in the end, all his speeches were cringe too.

    I rather they shift the focus on Max in the trouple that seems at least more fresh and less controversial.

    Milo Sparks was obviously the best part and I loved them leaning more into the camp side of things, that whole part made me laugh and scream at the mere idea that Regina just casually has a Blair portrait hanging in the living room.

    Milo shoud hack the account and open the pandora box once for all and let the mess run wild.

    My biggest complaint at the moment (Besides the teachers) would be that there are some stories that require the characters to have more depth. For example, the Audrey and Aki plot would benefit a lot if we had moments where we see how much they love each other or what they mean to each other, so far we only know that they are together and they fuck but there has been nothing that makes us feel the weight of their relationship so the issues they are facing may feel a bit superficial at times.
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