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A dynamic that I'd like to see further explored is that between Audrey, Luna and Monet. It's interesting that they seem to co-exist as a group, but there seems to be such a divide between them. And it'd give some much needed development to Luna and Monet.

Here's an interview where they adress the group dynamic between Audrey and Monet specifically. Luna included too of course.

How stunning is the actress who plays Monet! She really needs more character development. She has the potential to be the new Georgina Sparks. Dethrone Julien right now.
I love a Halloween themed episode even though they could have gone broader with it.

Nice use of Lorde's Solar Power btw.

The cast is really gelling and the chemistry is slowly getting there. Plus, Audrey actually acknowledged Monet and Luna. A bit standoffish but we'll take what we can get. The interview I posted made it clear that Audrey doesn't care for their social media obsession/antics and shop talk.

Audrey is the real star of this show as I knew she would be as soon as she was cast. Child prodigy turned mature actress. Jodie Foster vibes. Get it, Emily. J'adore.

"Um, because the Kardashians aren't even an autocorrect anymore." I LOVE Monet.

Oh, and I see Zoya is getting sassy. It's a good look on her unlike her spineless sister. I'm so over Julien.

Max really is such a wolf in his behavior. I approve. And he's a top, oh my. Also, the gay teacher is such a creep.

That Beyoncé and Solange analogy was gold. The elevator fight will never not be an iconic moment in pop culture.

Luna looked great in that blonde wig. Monet in her sleek do as well. They got a lot of interesting screen time. More of that please. You CANNOT compare them to Blair's Walmart minions.

Z and JC as Dan and Chuck. I am LIVING for it.

And I don't care what anyone says, Tavi Gevinson is fantastic as Kate. She nails it week after week.
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This is my favorite episode so far. I love a party episode, but especially a themed party episode. I did think that it was a bit early for a Halloween episode, but I guess that HBO Max's shorter episode run means that they can't time episodes to coincide with real life like the CW was able to.

I literally screamed when Nelly Yuki showed up. I'd love for her to return in a larger role. We do love to see her career progression though—from a writer at WWD to a senior role at The New Yorker.

I loved the references to the original Gossip Girl at Hulaween, but particularly that Julien and Zoya misidentified Blair and Serena's Cotillion dates.

I'm glad that every character is getting development and a storyline, especially Luna and Monet. I knew that the richest girl at Constance wouldn't be satisfied working for Julien.

And I loved the meta commentary on the cast looking so old that an adult could successfully go undercover as a teen.
Also, the gay teacher is such a creep.
I was disappointed when the writers decided to make Max and Rafa's relationship a sexual one instead of a platonic one, so I'm thankful that they redeemed themselves by not romanticizing the relationship and portraying the adult in the scenario in a predatory role.
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I saw the first three episodes and while it’s visually pleasing, there’s really nothing that’s drawing me in to really grab interest in any of the characters. Zoya is fine but she’s no Jenny. Monet is the most entertaining but I don’t just want her character to just be there to get jabs in. Even Serena was a little more interesting/engaging than most of these characters but that was also due to her family (and Georgqueena). Also, I’m not attracted to the gay teacher at all.