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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. I feel like the biggest problem is that everything gets wrapped up too quickly compared to the original where conflicts were spread out over at least a few episodes, if not simmering for an entire season before reaching a boiling point. But I realize the HBO version is not 20+ episodes, so they aren’t able to work with that.
  2. I agree which is what I appreciated about the last episode and why it’s probably my favorite so far (maybe only behind episode 3). Obviously the stuff with Audreys mom will be an ongoing plot line, Monet switching teams will surely have repercussions, and I can’t imagine that teacher will just totally leave Max alone. The stuff with Zoya and Simon probably could’ve been stretched out a bit more though.

    Next episode seems very Audrey, Max and Aki centered based on the preview so hopefully we won’t fall right back into the Julien and Zoya are fighting again trope.
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    "Jameela Jamil just defended you" noooooo. That made me scream.
  4. I'm so happy that they didn't go the route it looked like they would with the teacher/student relationship. It felt like for the couple of episodes that explored it up until now, we were seeing it through Max's rose tinted (horny) perspective. The perspective of a teenager who thinks he's an adult and that this is okay. Twisting it and actually painting Rafa as the predator that he is, and also that he is not a nice guy in general. It's a nice subversion of the trope that I'm really happy they did because I really was worried for a minute.

    I think maybe the reason this episode hit more was partially due to the fact that Julien wasn't at the centre of it. I love her, she's a sweetheart but the shift in focus to the other characters made for more compelling storylines and drama. Her conflicts get resolved very quickly because she's a genuinely nice person that has a tendency to get swept up in things but always has a change of heart at the last minute. She's no Blair Waldorf.

    Thank god Zoya has doubts in her mind about Obie. While their relationship is sweet, her calling his activism performative is pretty spot on. He's not necessarily a bad guy, despite the fact that he's my least favourite character on the show besides the teachers. I don't know, I just feel like she deserves more?? It's a shame that guy turned out to not be who he said he was because it would be nice for her to have a friend like that.

    All of the references to the original show in this episode were perfect. Bringing Nelly Yuki back (as she deserves), the Blair, Serena, Dan & Chuck costumes, the way Zoya said "I'm Chuck Bass" was literally perfect, I screamed. They're hitting the right marks and I love that. I'm also happy Monet is getting more development and I'm interested to see how this impacts her relationships with the other characters, especially Luna because they're not working on the same team anymore. It should be interesting.

    The group hug at the end was very sweet. It's nice to see them all come together and really show their friendship. Like, it doesn't matter the conflicts going on, everybody is still there for Audrey when she needs them. Even if she didn't feel like they were before. I'm looking forward to seeing where they take this in the next episode, and the episode in general honestly.

    I probably have more thoughts but I'll leave it at this. I'm watching season one of the original show as I'm watching this (once again, with my partner because they are wonderful and let me bully them into watching things) and the reboot obviously doesn't reach it's highs. The characters aren't as sharp, the plots are weaker and the character dynamics tend to be less interesting. There is no Blair Waldorf here and none of the family dynamics hit in the same way either (Lily & Serena, the Humphreys) but I'm really enjoying what they're doing and it's getting steadily stronger with each episode. I have hopes and I remain stupidly invested. What can I say? I'm really enjoying this and I'll miss it during the break.
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  5. How long is the break?
  6. They don't seem to have a date set, annoyingly. I believe I've seen a vague "in the fall" statement?
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  7. My guess is October/November since it's returning with a Thanksgiving episode, although we've just had Halloween in August so who knows. The break is mainly down to production taking a long time. This week's episode was filmed across April and June. They're about to film the season finale. So there's no reason why it has to be a long break - it could be back as early as next month.
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  8. HBO Max had the same release strategy with their other 2021 teen show, “Genera+ion.” They had like a 10-week break between episodes, so I’m guessing this will be back in mid-October with the season finale airing just before the holidays.
  9. Genera+ion is so good by the way.
  10. I really hope they work out how fast these storylines play out. I don't have hope for that changing this season, but maybe in season 2? That undercover journalist should have been teased out over at least a couple episodes. Everything is already given away as soon as a new plot is introduced, and it makes for a pretty uneventful experience. It's very hard to be invested in any of these characters because we don't get any time to feel anything about what they're going through. I didn't really realize that's what my problem with the show was until Zoya's birthday episode after that video played and Julien immediately apologized and they made up.
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  11. The big issue is that there's no real ~storylines. In reality, the Max/Rafa storyline is the only one that has been crafted somewhat well and has progressed with a thread of coherence through the first five episodes. They messed up big time with the Julien/Zoya relationship - it should've played out more like Blair/Serena where they're proper frenemies. I genuinely don't even know how the characters feel about each other most times, and that goes for everyone.

    I think the 'we're on HBO Max now' seriousness of the show also bothers me because it's just not nearly delicious and juicy enough.
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  12. That’s kind of what I’m saying. They don’t get a chance to truly evolve and actually become a storyline. Everything just jumps from setting something up to resolving it a couple scenes later. The original had an element of that, but they were always, like, filler plots outside of the larger one. Basically everything they’ve put forward has potential to branch out and be bigger, but they treat it as this “problem of the week” thing instead. Maybe the writers did this because they weren’t sure if they’d get more than one season? But I don’t think it has done them any favors.
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  13. I'm actually really enjoying this new series.
    Milo and Nelly returning has been an excellent way of tying the 2 shows together and I can only hope it will continue.
    Episode 4 and 5 have really let the teen supporting cast establish themselves and its good to see the characters become a little more fleshed out.
    Hopefully the rest of the season will start to establish some longer raging stories that will carry through, hopefully, into future season/s.
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  14. I am still watching and enjoying it… it’s just missing some sort of stake. Everything gets wrapped up so quickly. I also think it needs to find a little bit of camp. The original series had it and it made it enjoyable. Right now, everything is so serious, and little Emily Thorne is the most grating one with her monotone voice and blank stares. Can we get some characters with some actual character?
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  15. The writers definitely showed their cards too early when they revealed that Julien and Zoya were estranged half-sisters and that Kate was a teacher in the Vulture article before the pilot even aired and then again when they revealed that Kate and co. are Gossip Girl in the pilot.

    I was genuinely expecting the big reveal that Julien and Zoya are half-sisters to happen during the Thanksgiving episode, like all dramatic revelations from the original Gossip Girl, not literally seconds into the pilot.
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  16. BBC iPlayer release date has been confirmed for anyone waiting in the UK, the first six episodes are being released on the 25th August, as well as the original series on the 18th August.
  17. They dropped a promo video stating that they'll be back in November. No specific date though.
  18. I left the mid-season finale feeling exactly as I did during the Pilot - nothing. There is just nothing compelling or worth latching onto here. There is no drama, no stakes, no interesting characters, no moment-worthy performances; everything about it remains painfully sterile. I will commend them for maintaining the fantastic production value, but I wouldn’t even blink if they started the entire thing from scratch come November (which, obviously, they won’t).
  19. I actually really loved this episode, although it wasn't serving mid-season finale, but I'm screaming at the Rafa storyline being the only one that has carried through multiple episodes.
  20. The way the teachers keep audibly fighting about Gossip Girl in proximity of their students is so ridiculous. It's like they aren't even trying to mask how flimsy the premise is.

    I guess the sex tape twist in the finale complicates things somewhat as Max will probably grow suspicious if his tip doesn't get posted. And if they did post it, Rafa would most likely drag the other teachers and Gossip Girl down with him. I find the show to be a mostly repetitive, friction-less slog, but at least the implications of the teachers-as-Gossip Girl storyline is becoming more complicated in a way that I'm curious to see what the show does with, while not entirely convinced it is equipped to handle.
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