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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. What a boring mid-season finale. What was at stake that left us gripping?!

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  2. But also, you’d never be able to post that clip on Instagram in the first place… I know better than to not leave logic at the door, but still.
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  3. I guess I'm the only one loving it lol

    I felt like the finale was so good!
  4. Not the only one xoxo
  5. I think that how much you enjoyed the mid-season finale is entirely dependent on how invested you are with the show's two love triangles.

    Although the writers did enough to drive a wedge between Zoya and Obie, I don't think that they did enough to hint at Obie and Julien wanting to get back together.

    I found the complete omission of Monet odd. Maybe she's more of a secondary character than we thought. I would've settled for one shot of Monet exchanging death glares with Julien and Luna in Constance Billard's corridors.

    I am annoyed that my least favorite storyline is the one receiving a multi-episode arc.
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  6. Honestly Julien is the worst character here. She’s not unlikeable by any means but her storylines drag.

    Julien and Obie I’ve no investment in. The dinner with Zoya, his mother and everyone else swung it for me as I was interested in seeing him being presented as a bit of a coward. Him and Julien together… Eh.

    The influencer career storyline is just awful. I cringe every time it comes up and I don’t understand exactly what they’re trying to do or who can even relate to it.

    They seem to have tried to combine Blair’s social status with Serena’s bland personality and it’s ended up with a character who sucks. All conflict is resolved almost immediately with some dull speech about how she’s going to be better from now on.

    The show would work much better if they wrote her out. Have Monet or Audrey (or both?) as the ones vying for top social status or maintaining a status quo, they both have a bit more bite about them.
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  7. Seeing this episode I realized that the main problem with the show is the tone. They can't decide if this is slapstick (with Luna and Monet), high-brow conflicts (the Zobie plot), shocking shlock (the Rafa subplot) or basic CW drama (the threesome, teachers vs. students...).
    Nothing gels together and it's a constantly jarring viewing experience.

    And to carry that mess we have Julien, an empty character being badly acted.
    How an influencer does not have brand sponsors in 2021? She never stood for nothing and suddenly drops off her brand partnership (that was signed 3 min before) to participate on a housing protest - what? It's so incoherent and awfully written.

    (I feel we're thinking more about this than the showrunners themselves... so I'm probably letting go)
  8. Yeah, I was about to say she's sooo similar to Serena. I don't know if I'd compare her social status to Blair's, though. Serena had the social status beyond the halls of Constance, which is why she and Blair constantly were at odds. Blair was always in her shadow.

    But anyway, the only real and major difference is that Serena had a dark past that frequently came back to bite her in the ass and Julien doesn't. She's like Serena in the later seasons, when she became bland and irrelevant to most of the plot once GG pivoted to becoming more Blair-centric.
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  9. I hate everyone in this show omg! Except Queen Keller
  10. So there are 3 of us who actually watch and enjoy, yay us!

    My heart when Aki tried to clarify he's not gay, but bisexual...
    The emotional cord that his words hit, hit deep in my soul, damn...

    I really hope he can be a Bi character that can bring some much needed representation other than being "confused" or "a stop on the way to homo town" that even the other letters in the lgBtq+ community like to shade us with...
  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Maybe I stan Miss Keller now but aside from Zoya, I really don’t care for any of the characters here. Julien isn’t engaging or interesting at all. There’s really nothing to her and it seems inexplicable why she’s the golden girl.

    I wanted Miss Keller to get with Zoya’s dad ddd.
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  12. This far into the show and it’s not getting better. I’m only watching it for the clothes now.
  13. I’m still tuning in for the Audrey/Aki/Max stuff, which I genuinely do find entertaining, and the hope that they give Monet and Luna actual storylines.
  14. It desperately needs plot lines that last more than one episode. Zoya getting interviewed to be an influencer/sponsored/or whatever and then they quickly rip it away all in one episode. It’s an example of bad writing. If this was the previous series, the idea would have been introduced in one episode and she’d struggle to get that endorsement but ultimately get it. Then we’d see in an episode or two where she was living high on life until it clashes with something and creates some conflict. That conflict would, at the very least, show us that giving up such an opportunity for something else would have given some weight to go along with that decision. Putting it all in one episode does absolutely nothing for anyone except waste a possible storyline.

    I’m typing on my phone so that might be an absolute mess but dear lord, they need to not burn through ideas.
  15. My best friend and I rewatching the original show together, and it's just highlighting how horrible (!) the new one actually is. God, the old one was so absurd but the characters are an absolute delight and the writing is beyond delicious and hilarious. They really fucked up the reboot.
  16. The acting!

    Who cast this?! What were they smoking?
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  17. I think they were using a modelling catalogue rather than actually auditioning people or watching showreels. It's the only logical explanation.
  18. Blake and Chase in particular were repeatedly dragged for their acting skills in the early seasons. Ed Westwick's small-mouthed drawling was criticised too. Ironically, Leighton, who was pretty much the only one praised for her acting chops, is the least booked nowadays, although I think that's partly down to choice.

    They seem to be following suit on the acting front with the new show. I don't think anyone is all that bad, though, to be honest.
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  19. I am really enjoying the first episode of this reboot... I did not expect this.

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  20. I see the negativity in here is overwhelming but I thought the final two episodes were fantastic? I low key love this cast, think the writing has slipped into a solid groove and have come to enjoy the parent and teacher dynamics as well. It's just fun escapism. (Kii at the male teacher who co-writes Gossip Girl not being gay?! When he was asking Kate for a drink I was like... wait a minute...)
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