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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Yay now there are 4 of us! Watch party!

    I believe the actor who plays Jordan is gay, if I'm not mistaken I believe Joshua talked about having a queer cast and that he was gay (he only outed who was out)...

    I still am hoping that Aki represents the bi community positively, especially guys...
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  2. I'm on season two of my original Gossip Girl rewatch and I'm having a great time. I'm looking forward to the season half of the reboot's first season. I wish we weren't waiting until November because I'm impatient.
  3. I’ve literally just gotten around to marathoning this and … I’m sorry ladies but I love it. Julien is kind of the least interesting part, but everything else I’m having an absolute blast with. It’s wild and stupid but it’s a ton of fun. And Aki? Max? Ma’am. My basement.
  4. The reboot has started to settle into its groove over the last 2 eps (I agree a couple of the earlier eps were a bit basic with too many goodie two shoes characters). Looking forward to seeing how it develops when series 1 part 2 comes back in November.
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  5. I've got to say - I really grew to love the reboot.

    Is the writing good? No. Is the acting good? No. Is the storyline good? No.

    But somehow it all hangs together really well. It's like they captured the dumbass energy of the original series and overlaid a Gen Z filter. And I love it.
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  6. November 25th! I’m excited for this to be back.
  7. I forgot this was coming back but that trailer has me pretty excited again. It looks a lot juicer this time around!

    I can't keep up with who is dating who in that trailer though...ddd
  8. Oh my god. Part two looks so juicy and insane, I can't.
  9. Trailer is exciting, but so was the one we saw for part one. Hopefully they ironed out the problems that were present in the initial episodes, although I think they had already begun filming it before any sort of critic and fan reception came in. A GG Thanksgiving episode has me automatically perched, even if they'll never top Blair Waldorf Must Pie!
  10. I love a Gossip Girl does Thanksgiving episode. This remains one of my favorite scenes from the original:

  11. What a glorious mess.

    It is most amusing to me that, in my memory, I have completely erased Rufus and substituted in Sandy from The OC.
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  12. Does that mean that they're dropping three episodes a week? I don't know if this is a good or bad thing.
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  13. They are! Safran confirmed this saying this is 'the perfect way to watch them' while implying they've wrote/shot those episodes for us to binge them. While I'm enjoying this reboot, looking back, had they released three episodes per week, this season would've felt way better.
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  14. I finally watched episode 6 and yeah, I really love this. I'm most invested in Aki/Max/Audrey because gay of course, but the end when Aki's dad decides to out him on fucking TV but I'm glad Aki was able to quickly clarify he's bi, and I love that we're getting more bi guy rep with him. (I am glad his dad later clarified he supports him, but that was still such a dick move.
    Also, the threesome at the end? Yes, that is the content I want. Hopefully we get more queer sex scenes in part 2 between the guys nn.
    From the trailer I don't think it'll happen, but I hope Julien and Zoya both just leave Obi in the dust. Like...he's not that great girls. Really excited for part 2 though.
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  15. I'm excited to not have to wait six weeks to finish the season, but this kind of feels like the streaming service equivalent of moving a show from a primetime slot to a graveyard slot. I hope that I'm just overthinking things though.
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  16. I think it's a new strategy HBO Max is experimenting with. They're doing the same thing for their new show "The Sex Lives of College Girls".
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  17. It’s not really a “new” strategy, they did the same with Genera+ion and Search Party earlier this year too (and Flight Attendant last year). It’s just more notable with Gossip Girl since GG’s only 6 episodes over two weeks.
  18. Yeah, HBO Max’s strategy is always to release a few episodes at a time, which I love. That said, only spreading them out over 2 weeks is an odd choice and sort of ruins any chance of them building buzz.
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