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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Rob


    Does this have a UK air date yet?
  2. I just realized that Gossip Girl came back yesterday. I can't wait to binge the three episodes tomorrow.
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  3. Can’t find the new episodes anywhere which is a shame, I guess I’ll have to wait until they actually air here in the UK.
  4. Loved the first episode of the bunch. The table scene was iconic!
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  5. Really enjoyed all three episodes. I liked that the main storyline was planted in the Thanksgiving episode (or that midseason finale, if we want to be technical) and it built over the next two. Still not really into the Julien/Zoya/Obie love triangle. I just can't shake the feeling that they wanted it to be a parallel to Serena/Blair/Nate and it just wasn't giving. Hopefully that was put to rest after this week, though. And even though we got some sister fighting, which is beyond exhausting, I'm glad they had something else to do outside of that.
  6. Gahhhhh I loved these episodes and am dying to know what happens next.
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  7. I'm partway through the first episode of the three new episodes, but I needed to come here to say how much I love Lucy Punch and I love that she's playing Max's birth mom.
  8. I'm not sure about the Davis storyline (or anything regarding Julien, Zoya and/or Obie for that matter, they all get into my nerves), but everything else is working for me. Max is really the best character right now and I absolutely adore his family and their storyline, really amazing character development for all of them - and his birth mother? Just *chef's kiss*.

    A couple more notes:

    Aki has a decent storyline, but the actor is giving me Chace Crawford: gorgeous to look at, but can he act? Erm...

    The Thanksgiving episode was spectacular.

    I hope they still revisit Rafa's storyline. Not entirely satisfied with how it just ended smoothly for everyone involved.

    The teachers storyline that was once dreadful and felt forced now is really working for me? I love how it all became bigger than Kate and now she's figuring out how to live with the monster she created. For me, they're playing with morals, hypocrisy and guilt just the right way.

    Still waiting for Monet and Luna to have actual storylines.
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  9. Oh and I miss the frivolous, petty schemes from the original. Sometimes I just want to watch a multi-episode arch about teenage love, two guys fighting for the same girl and plotting against each other to win or two friends going at each other and spreading gossip in order to be valedictorian.
  10. I'm loving this continuation of Gossip Girl

    My boi Aki out here having to correct EVERYONE about being BI
    and NOT gay is so incredibly frustrating as it sums my whole life...

    SO excited for the next 3 and apparently the finale takes place on NYE...

    Wonder when S2 will drop
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  11. I really enjoyed the new batch of episodes. It’s nice to see some storylines lasting longer than an episode.

    Do we know if they have started filming season 2 yet?
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  12. Obi remains the worst. Audrey and Aki remain iconic. I just finished the first of the new three. I'm excited!
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  13. Filming starts in January. I reckon they'll follow a similar release pattern for season 2.
  14. Edu


    Every time Audrey shares a scene with Aki or Julien it feels like I'm watching a different show 'cause the actress is really good at, you know, acting. And those two are not.
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  15. Audrey… being a good actress? I’m not sure what people see. Maybe it’s the lack of skill around her while she’s acting that’s making her look better than she actually is… the bar is low. The original series was the same, they just had a little more to work with as it wasn’t so grounded as this series.
  16. Episode 7 - the Thanksgiving one was great fun, and Max and Audrey both actually showing some character.
    Lucy Punch turning up as Max's mother was hilarious, and has single-handedly raised the bar for acting on the show. She shines amazingly.
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  17. I think that the best actors amongst the core cast are the actors portraying Audrey, Max and Zoya. I don't think that I can really comment on the actors portraying Luna or Monet because they're given so little to work with.
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  18. The actress is good because she slayed on Revenge a decade ago...
  19. I genuinely loved the three new episodes! So much of this is working now and I'm excited to see how it all turns out next week. The Thanksgiving episode was every bit as iconic as I'd hoped, especially after binging the original show in the last few months.

    Obi remains the worst, so I'm glad we're focussing on him less as time goes on.
  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ffff the Thanksgiving dinner being a classic Gossip Girl clusterfuck was everything.

    Long live Queen Keller.
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