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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Oh and I miss the frivolous, petty schemes from the original. Sometimes I just want to watch a multi-episode arch about teenage love, two guys fighting for the same girl and plotting against each other to win or two friends going at each other and spreading gossip in order to be valedictorian.
  2. I'm loving this continuation of Gossip Girl

    My boi Aki out here having to correct EVERYONE about being BI
    and NOT gay is so incredibly frustrating as it sums my whole life...

    SO excited for the next 3 and apparently the finale takes place on NYE...

    Wonder when S2 will drop
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  3. I really enjoyed the new batch of episodes. It’s nice to see some storylines lasting longer than an episode.

    Do we know if they have started filming season 2 yet?
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  4. Obi remains the worst. Audrey and Aki remain iconic. I just finished the first of the new three. I'm excited!
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  5. Filming starts in January. I reckon they'll follow a similar release pattern for season 2.
  6. Edu


    Every time Audrey shares a scene with Aki or Julien it feels like I'm watching a different show 'cause the actress is really good at, you know, acting. And those two are not.
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  7. Audrey… being a good actress? I’m not sure what people see. Maybe it’s the lack of skill around her while she’s acting that’s making her look better than she actually is… the bar is low. The original series was the same, they just had a little more to work with as it wasn’t so grounded as this series.
  8. Episode 7 - the Thanksgiving one was great fun, and Max and Audrey both actually showing some character.
    Lucy Punch turning up as Max's mother was hilarious, and has single-handedly raised the bar for acting on the show. She shines amazingly.
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  9. I think that the best actors amongst the core cast are the actors portraying Audrey, Max and Zoya. I don't think that I can really comment on the actors portraying Luna or Monet because they're given so little to work with.
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  10. The actress is good because she slayed on Revenge a decade ago...
  11. I genuinely loved the three new episodes! So much of this is working now and I'm excited to see how it all turns out next week. The Thanksgiving episode was every bit as iconic as I'd hoped, especially after binging the original show in the last few months.

    Obi remains the worst, so I'm glad we're focussing on him less as time goes on.
  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ffff the Thanksgiving dinner being a classic Gossip Girl clusterfuck was everything.

    Long live Queen Keller.
  13. The show is a an enjoyable mess. But it’s unbelievable that they used a racial slur to refer to the dancer that the 30-year-old student couldn’t get an erection for.

    I do love that Aki’s parents are basically Rupert Murdoch and Wendy Deng.
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  14. Julien was "partying with Miley during her questionable Bangerz phase" when she was, at best, 11 years old?
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  15. I'm enjoying the new batches of episodes but I don't think this show has the ethical & moral backbone to be what they want it to be.
    I feel tense watching because I have the impression that at any moment they will self-implode with a bad writing decision. The original was extremely frivolous so the overall toxicity & stupidity was high-fantasy; here, they are dealing with "discourse" in a way that feels almost... inconsequential?

    (and the acting is still demonically TRASH)
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  16. They've already used the word 'Slav'. I think the quote was 'drop the Slav'.
  17. That's exactly my main issue with the path they've chosen for the new episodes. This is really dangerous territory and it can easily and quickly go south.
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  18. The whole thing is so po-faced. It lacks most of the original's joy (except when Max is busy doing his thing).
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  19. I literally screamed at the appearance of Eleanor, Cyrus, Dorota and Vanya in Episode 10. Episode 11 refuses to play, so I watched the season final without any context, but I enjoyed the finale. I love how they essentially recycled a plotline from the original Gossip Girl, but made the fallout of the incident so much more interesting than how it was initially portrayed.
    I can't believe that it took an entire season for them to move to this storyline.
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  20. Charli XCX’s Good Ones playing as the insanely hot throuple is officially formed? Dead.
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