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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. The show is a an enjoyable mess. But it’s unbelievable that they used a racial slur to refer to the dancer that the 30-year-old student couldn’t get an erection for.

    I do love that Aki’s parents are basically Rupert Murdoch and Wendy Deng.
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  2. Julien was "partying with Miley during her questionable Bangerz phase" when she was, at best, 11 years old?
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  3. I'm enjoying the new batches of episodes but I don't think this show has the ethical & moral backbone to be what they want it to be.
    I feel tense watching because I have the impression that at any moment they will self-implode with a bad writing decision. The original was extremely frivolous so the overall toxicity & stupidity was high-fantasy; here, they are dealing with "discourse" in a way that feels almost... inconsequential?

    (and the acting is still demonically TRASH)
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  4. They've already used the word 'Slav'. I think the quote was 'drop the Slav'.
  5. That's exactly my main issue with the path they've chosen for the new episodes. This is really dangerous territory and it can easily and quickly go south.
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  6. The whole thing is so po-faced. It lacks most of the original's joy (except when Max is busy doing his thing).
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  7. I literally screamed at the appearance of Eleanor, Cyrus, Dorota and Vanya in Episode 10. Episode 11 refuses to play, so I watched the season final without any context, but I enjoyed the finale. I love how they essentially recycled a plotline from the original Gossip Girl, but made the fallout of the incident so much more interesting than how it was initially portrayed.
    I can't believe that it took an entire season for them to move to this storyline.
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  8. Charli XCX’s Good Ones playing as the insanely hot throuple is officially formed? Dead.
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  9. Charli XCX's "Good Ones" followed by Chlöe's "Have Mercy." The music supervisor has bops, y'all.
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  10. Also having Stevie Nicks’ Wild Heart and Carly Rae Jepsen’s Julien in this last batch of episodes finished me off.
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  11. These six new episodes were (excuse the pun) a blast.

    Monet's Mom basically being a billionaire Annelise Keating and her scene humiliating Kate? We love to see it. Now please give Monét and Luna actual storylines.

    Zoya, Julien and Obie desperately need separated ongoing plots.

    I love the trouple.
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  12. These last 6 episodes were definitely an improvement and I really enjoyed them. I am living for Max/Audrey/Aki and can’t wait to see how that works out.

    I especially loved seeing Luna get her own side story in the last episode and I hope that leads to more storylines for her and Monet in season 2.
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  13. I will start watching the last 3 this weekend. Aly & AJ mentioned one of their songs is in an episode, so congrats to the music co-ordinator on their taste.
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  14. The soundtrack has really been on point.
  15. The teachers storyline is hard to get through.

    I do love the throuple storyline. I just wish the scriptwriting was not so terrible.
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  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Hoping for more Shan in season 2.
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  17. That’s my boo Rob. He never does me wrong.
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  18. MB


    I'm on ep7 but REALLY struggling with it, think I'm going to give up on it.
  19. These last remaining six episodes have been utterly fantastic. Especially the latest 3. Now THIS is the classic GG we all fell in love with.

    Side note, even Aki has become a better actor.

    And as I've mentioned numerous times before; Emily Alyn Lind is the best thing to ever happen in this show. She just has spades of star power. She commands every scene she's in. Such a true thespian if you don't mind me exaggerating a bitsy. And the triangle proposition is the most interesting storyline by far.

    Also, "Does anybody understand you?" "Only the right people." Luna is absolutely ruthless and I'm kind of getting sick of her getting all the zingers and having all the intel, she even gets more undeserved screen time. I much prefer Monet. She just gets to the point. No bullshit. I hope she becomes to real HBIC going forward. Speaking of Monet, her mother was channeling Viola Davis a bit too much. Calm down ma'am.

    Zoya can actually surprise me sometimes with her advice, especially when talking to her sister. She really has her best interests at heart. BUH-BYE, Obie.

    I'm so glad it already got renewed for a second season after the first episode premiered if I'm not mistaken. HBO Max has a lot of faith in this as they should.

    The shade they threw at Riverdale was also hysterical considering it's the same production company.

    And they PLAYED Aly & AJ. My heart jumped with joy.
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  20. I think my confusion with Emily Alyn Lind acting is that she seems to be leaning a little more into the camp side of the original series where the rest of them are kind of just existing. It creates a weird tonal shift. I do appreciate it now after the last 3 episodes. Hope the rest camp it up a bit with the next season.
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