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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Robbietoxic, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Obie is the worst character across all iterations of this property.
  2. Island

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    I still can’t stand Julien. Like she is a pretty shitty person and always has to have someone tell her off about it. How can anyone bear it?
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  3. We’re up to the finale and whilst the back 6 have been a lot stronger than the first 6, there’s still way too much going on, and things are wrapped up too quickly, often at the expense of more interesting characters that are largely ignored.

    I did however love Heidi telling both Oboe and Max about themselves. Where’s her show. Shoulder padded queen.
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  4. Deuxmoi is reporting that Leighton Meester is in talks to appear in season 2.
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  5. That would be great
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  6. Michelle Trachtenberg too, please!

  7. I don't think HBO Max had much of a choice. They need their own version of Elite so as to compete with Netflix.

    The show's not great but it's an entertaining watch on a lazy weekend.
  8. Lil' Milo is calling her name as we speak. Michelle has strongly hinted in recent interviews with her expressive eyes, and being all, 'never say never.' She's definitely coming back at some point. She had an absolute blast playing the role. She's mentioned before that Georgina's one of her favorite characters.
  9. Emily Alyn Lind is queen. Period. She KNOWS she's in a soap opera, and isn't afraid to shy away from it during her performance. Hello, this isn't her first rodeo. Her breakthrough performance was in another soap of the exact same caliber, Revenge.
  10. Revenge was amazing for a few seasons and then fell off a cliff when things got too complicated.
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  11. Julien is the new Serena in the sense that she thinks that her "good intentions" outweigh the negative consequences of her behavior.
  12. The Thanksgiving episode was one of the funniest pieces of television of 2021. Succession who?
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  13. Final 2 episodes of the season were kinda boring :/
  14. I binge watched the whole thing over about 36 hours. Loved it by the end but it took a few episodes, some of the earlier posts make more sense because I think I would have gotten super bored if I'd done it week by week. Julien does have the 'it' factor to be the superstar they portray her to be - Monet HAS to become the Blair of the show in Season 2. Aki and Audrey are fantastic and I love the throuple storyline. Overall a solid return but someone said earlier make it less po faced and more camp.
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