Gossip Girl

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I'm in two minds about the finale. A part of me is really disappointed that we aren't getting a Season 3 because they did sprinkle a couple of interesting plots that I would've loved to see move forward, but another part of me thinks that it was the perfect finale, wrapping everything up perfectly, if you completely ignore the post credits scene.
he / him
I've read that apparently, half an hour of content was cut to make the finale feel more final. I would've liked to see the hour and a half version.
Mixed feelings about this finale. It did feel like it wrapped things up in a satisfactory enough way that there’s nothing left too unresolved.

The teased season 3 plots sound like they could have been good, but 2 seasons worth of this reboot show they’d probably burn through those plots way too quickly.

Also, Kate Keller really was that dumb huh.