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Got 2B Real (YouTube Show)

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Leopold, Jan 17, 2012.

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  2. I was going to start a topic, but seeing as there already is one...

    The GREATEST YouTube show ever. The voices, the way the clips are really well matched to what they're saying, the pure shadiness of everything. I can watch them 10 times and still laugh. Season 2 Episode 2 is giving me life at the moment, with Aretha singing the Raven theme song and Dionne/Keri near the end.

    For the uninitiated, here are all the episodes so far:

    1. Guess Who's Coming To Patti's Dinner
    2. Arrest My Case
    3. Happy Baby To You
    4. The Final Round
    5. Reunion Special

    1. Drawing The Line
    2. The Uninvited
    3. Rights, Wrongs & Reciepts
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  3. I've never seen this before, but I am watching episode 1 and I am absolutely dying!

    The "How's your whistle register?" bit!

    Hogwarts School of Bitchcraft and Wigatry! *dead*
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  4. It's unfortunate that Season 2 will be the last.
  5. Whaaaat? Why?
  6. Ms LaHelle said something like, doesn't want it to diminish in quality, better to go out in a high note.
  7. Can I just say, this show is frickin' amazing and every episode is just...yeah.

    "Is that hair on your head, or a snuffleufagus?"

    "I make too much money to make yaki. I thought she was saying you talk too much, like yacky, yacky..."

    Hair laid like world peace & School of Bitchcraft and Wigatry & Order is random, like some of you here today & Let's go into that coconut grove right now are just comedic perfection.
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  8. "You're about as relevant as rice cakes to the food pyramid - ain't nobody checking for you."
    "You disgrace me more than a greatest hits CD by Miley Cyrus"
    "Boy, I bet your bitch ass wishes time was money...seeing as how you have nothing but time and, as it stands, no money."
    "See that stairway, Rihanna? The only way we'll hear Blue Cantrell's album dropping is if I lose my grip at the top floor. It'll still hit rock bottom."
    "She uses her upper register most illegally."

    I will remember every line of this show until my death.
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    *Aretha in rebuttal to Dionne, after suggesting that Blige is her heir in assuming the BK endorsement 'crown'*

    "Oh my god, you barely have air left in your lungs. Don't you worry about who I pass the torch to".
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  10. Sorry last one.

    "Fantasia I could give you two magnets and you still wouldn't know how to make ends meet".
    "See? Give a bitch an inch and she'll...just take the whole ruler from ya."

    Fantasia: "and you say it's gonna be okay, 'cause joy gone come in the mornin'. The bitch will take the SUN"
    Beyonce: "...just like you took Antwaun Cook from his son".
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  11. Oh I was thinking of reviving this topic. The videos are incredible. The finale gave me LIFE.

    The part where Fantasia is doing the workout: "Climb the chart, climb the chart! Beyoncé's coming, move back, move back! Keyshia Cole, hop over! YES" "Pray for a Grammy, that's right, pray for a Grammy."
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  12. [video=youtube;8wtoUCfmjHA][/video]

    Wreck It Retha.. Oh my god.
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  13. Mariah to Rihanna: "At the end of the day, I hold my kids... you wipe yours off your face."

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  14. "My colon is clean - I don't give a shit"
  15. CRYING at Beyoncé winning the award when she wasn't nominated.
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  16. RJF


    Shade In The Key Of She Flat...
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  17. I am in tears at 'Beyonce's bandmates Shelly and Michael'
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  18. Oh my god just finished season 1. It really blindsides you with the lines. So good.

    Whitney, oh lord.

    "SparKLE! - HA!'
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  19. Flockheart

    Flockheart Guest

    I was not ready. Did you break your arm reaching for those high notes? OH RIRI

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

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