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"I saw you on tv cooking that..peanut shrimp?. I was thinking, what kind of welfare witchcraft hocus pocus hoedown is this?! I don't need to be James, John or Judas to know that is somebody's last supper."

This ain't even about Fantasma. It's about me, in my catsuit, serving you ... rainbow roll, which is several, different, types of fish. My entire physique was just snatching, snatching, SNATCHING everywhere, with more figure than an eight!

Honestly the secret best character on the show.
DETROIT (WXYZ) - A Detroit man says he rediscovered an abundance of Aretha Franklin items, including some fairly sensitive documents like old tax returns, contracts, and cancer X-rays.

The man, who did not want to be identified, claims he also has what look like old masters and recordings from the queen of soul.

The man told us, "I can't believe they left old tax returns, and those check books."

He rediscovered these items on Friday, after his mother recently died.

It's a good thing, he says, because he's about to lose his home, and needs money. He's hoping he can sell some of this stuff to save his home.

He's had this stuff for nearly 20 years, including what he claims are cancer X-rays for Franklin's sister, Carolyn. An old contract for one show in Virginia in 1971 indicates she was guaranteed to make $20,000 and wanted a Cadillac limo.

There's also documents detailing all sorts of royalties from several countries.

He tells 7 Action News the Queen of Soul's belongings were dumped during a move in 1997, and he grabbed a bunch of stuff once her family had already gone through it.

He tells us he's never listened to those old recordings, so he has no idea what's on them.



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