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Got 2B Real (YouTube Show)

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Leopold, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. The general consensus is that Diana wasn't very talented, especially in comparison to the divas of her time. She was like the Rihanna of the 40's. Also, she has stank teeth, but she's responsible for 'Baby Love' so she gets a pass for those.
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  2. Diana Ross was also the Beyoncé of her day in that she would watch Patti Labelle and the Bluebelles rehearse, and then would make the Supremes copy their choreography/outfits on stage.
  3. "what about the Oscars for all the rolls she has"
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  4. The MJB shade in Crispy Business was phenomenal.

    "You may as well have stood in front of the NAACP and tap danced for watermelon slices."
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  5. I don't get this show at all, guess I'm not ... flamboyant enough.
  6. I didn't love it immediately. It grows on you a lot once you get used to the personas the creator has invented.
  7. Flockheart

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    I can't wait to use the "How long did it take you to swim from the island of Gullah Gullah here to my conversation, Binya Binya?" in real life.
  8. Any time any of my friends say something bitchy I always come out with "GURRRL, it must be nice living in haters mansion on shady lane..."
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  9. "Oh my God, bitch you barely have air in your lungs don't chu worry about who I pass the torch to."

    "It is half past give a damn so I'm off the clock for caring."
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    So, this is the guy who does Whitney

  11. Almost every other line is gold. Brilliance.
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  12. The Whitney tribute is perfection, moving and hilarious. I'd love a transcript.
  13. Yeah despite the shade, the love for each and every girl on this show is real. Especially the Whitney Tribute. Amazing.
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  14. I'm imagining Patti using the term 'Heifer'...

  15. Recently discovered a great show in the vein of Got2BReal. It's called The Legends Panel and the basic set up is that a panel of pop music royalty get together periodically to discuss the next generation of popstars. There are hilarious ongoing storylines involving Beyonce's desperate attempts to join the panel and an outrageous series of Madonna v. Janet feuds. Here is one of the best episodes, the season 1 reunion hosted by Wendy Williams:

    [video=youtube;WSLk3pNxXAg] [/video]
  16. Not as good as the original but an acceptable substitute.

    I love how they've made Prince act like a typical "YAAAAAAAAASSSS" gay.
  17. K94


    I love it! The voices need some work but the writing's great - Tina and Michael gathered them!
  18. The voices on Legends Panel definitely need some work but the writing and characterization are just perfect:

    "MADONNA! Are you throwing? That elderly abuse you endured from my girl Janet still has you pressed like a play button, I see."

    Another great one, Aaliyah v. Beyonce;

    [video=youtube;0BYpjVO2XFI] [/video]
  19. This is quite alright. The voicework is very uneven and the scenarios don't feel as natural, but it hits some good notes. I especially like Madge and Prince.

    Nothing will ever top the point blank genius of Got 2B Real, though. I've been going back a lot since Maya Angelou's passing. The two part epic of "Peace is Hidden in the Heart of the Demon/Bitch Better Shut Her Mouth" is an oddly beautiful retrospective tribute.
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