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Got 2B Real (YouTube Show)

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Leopold, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. "I'm sure you can smell tomorrow with those nostrils" Always makes me laugh whenever I remember it.

    I think it's time I do a complete rewatch.
  2. Dionne’s Sparkle soundtrack rant is still amazing.
  3. you mama...
    she no from louisiana?
    she no voodoo queen?
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  4. You dishonour me more than a Greatest Hits CD by Miley Cyrus!
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  5. "To the rest of the divas whose careers were often crushed under the weight of my incredible success: I urge you all to use this opportunity to be the best that you can be. No one is expecting you to sound as good as I did, or slay on every red carpet and interview, like I did, but I trust that you will put on a brave face and give it your all. Ha HA! My lord. Take comfort in knowing...that every time you open your mouth to sing...the public will miss me even more. That's right."
  6. RJF


    Okay but the way you go from laughing at that to being gut punched by "My soul is free. I am at peace. Give love to my baby." UGH.
  7. "Miss Patti I'm super early but I wanted you to know that my sisters are in the car..."
    "My̵ si̸s̸te̛rs͝ ͜g҉et̢ ͜on͞ ̕m͟y̨ ͢dam̧n͘ ͟n̸erv̢es͝,͢ Í ̀c̶an'̸t̕ s̶ta̧n̵ḑ t͜h͡o̵se҉ b͞i͞t̕c͝h͠es th͏e̷y̴ do͝n'̸t̀ l̀iste͢n ҉to m҉è. I ҉t̸e͢ĺl ͜th́e̴m ̕the҉y̕'re nơt̕ inv̨it̕e͏d͞, t͝hey'̀r̴ę n҉ot͞ ͟im̛portaǹt̷.̧.̶.̧"
    "But if you have four more invitations laying around that'd be cool. If you don't have em'-"
    "I don't. BYE!"

    "So we goin' inside or what?
    "Or what?"
    "Patti said no, Tracy."
    "You sure?"
    "Tracy she just kicked Toni out to keep us from coming inside!"
    "I don't believe it."
    "This is bullshit!"
    "I told ya'll we weren't getting in, dot com."

    "Just for future reference, if you can't come to one of my dinners, don't call me, don't come by my house, leave a gift, that's what real women do."
  8. "She begged me to shut up, but I just could not."
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  9. I almost quoted Aretha's "BULLSHIT." from the first episode today before remembering I was talking to someone who would have no idea what it was from.

    (I'd also forgotten the real Aretha just died...)
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  10. That was my bewildered reaction to the news of her dying after hoping that she'd pull through so I mean...
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  11. "bullshit"

    "I- er"


    "SEEMS AS THOUGH I will be reciting a different poem today, entitled : "Bitch Betta Shut Her Mouth"
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  12. I should not be listening to these at work. I lost it when the Braxtons came on and then had literal tears during "What are you saying?!! I do not speak Avatar you weirdo". I had to pause and regain myself.
  13. "When goodness shows in the way of the garden, it is like a three-pointer from Michael Jordan."
    "If she doesn't shut the fuck up, she is dumber than I thought, more idiotic than a Dalmatian without spots."
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  14. I think about Mo'Nique's random-ass cameo more often than I care to admit.

  15. "I'm sorry that I couldn't be there tonight. Unfortunately, they had me scheduled to do some things that I would actually enjoy. But, you know what they say about absence - it's really so much better than actually attending! I first have to thank my heavenly father, Jesus, without whom I wouldn't have had the wisdom to decline the invitation."
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  16. "I'll tell you why I don't like Aretha Franklin. I don't like Aretha Franklin because she's Aretha Franklin. She came into our family...introduced us to cigarettes and introduced us to bad foooood and all kind of FILF! She wasn't a help, she was a HINDRANCE to this family. I can't argue with huhhhh! Because I don't trust a lot of people, and I damn sure don't trust a bitch that buys used wigs from an estate sale."
  17. Then the random Jennifer Hudson bit at the very end with that promptly being the end of the episode when the channel is clicked off.
  18. Did someone say carry my bag to the Hilton? Who said I was staying at the Hilton, I didn't say I was staying at the Hilton? OHHHH you said Keri Hilson, who's that?
  19. This is for Marilyn Mon-HELL NO. Long-live-her-vocal-damage OOPS.
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  20. Oh my GOD, the 'Got 2Be Real' realness Aretha imitation Mariah serves halfway through this clip is just... beyond.

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