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Got 2B Real (YouTube Show)

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Leopold, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. At the end of this vid.

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  2. ^ Hahha I love this show

    "Oh, Heffa, Heffa, Heffa, I came for that Burger King Crowwwn...."
  3. I noticed this morning that one of the episodes is private for some reason and the Iyanla episode has been region-blocked in the US.

  4. "In Australia we have kangaroos... and they hip and they hop... and that's basically how I got inspired"
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  5. I’d be mad too if my bodeee was shaped like a Tetris blocK
  6. She addressed the Iyanla ep a lil while ago on Twitter but nothing has changed yet

    it's here tho

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  7. Ddd Joseline Hernandez popping up!
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  8. Don't chu bow down bitches
    STAAAAND UP, I'm coming in the rooooooom
  9. I thought they kicked you of-
    I turned my back and found myself outta a job,
    Y'all could've warned me but imma leave that up to God

    The editing in this part and the fast jumps make me squeal.
  10. Rihanna’s “You know what... just to be seef... shut the fuck up.” to Iggy just made me spit out my coffee.
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