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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by nikkysan, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]
    Im "JB" Jaebeom - Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Center
    Mark Tuan - Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual
    Jackson Wang - Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Face of the Group
    Park Jinyoung - Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper, Visual, Center, Face of the Group
    Choi Youngjae - Main Vocalist
    Kunpimook "BamBam" Bhuwakul - Lead Rapper, Vocalist
    Kim Yugyeom - Main Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae

    Got It? - 1st Mini Album - January 20 2014
    Got - 2nd Mini Album - June 23 2014
    Identify - 1st Album - November 18 2014
    Just Right - 3rd Mini Album - July 13 2015
    MAD - 4th Mini Album - September 29 2015
    Moriagatteyo - 1st Japan Album - February 3 2016
    Flight Log: Departure - 5th Mini Album - March 21 2016
    Hey Yah - 1st Japan Mini Album - November 16 2016
    Flight Log: Turbulence - 2nd Album - September 26 2016
    Flight Log: Arrival - 6th Mini Album - March 13 2017
    7 for 7 - 7th Mini Album - October 10 2017
    Turn Up - 2nd Japan Mini Album - November 15 2017
    Eyes On You - 8th Mini Album - March 12 2018
    Present: You - 3rd Album - September 17 2018
    I Won't Let You Go - 3rd Japan Mini Album - January 30 2019
    Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity - 9th Mini Album - May 20 2019
    Love Loop - 4th Japan Mini Album - July 31 2019
    Call My Name - 10th Mini Album - November 4 2019
    DYE - 11th Mini Album - April 20 2020

    Girls Girls Girls
    Stop Stop It
    Just Right
    If You Do
    Confession Song
    Hard Carry
    Never Ever
    You Are
    You Calling My Name
    Not By The Moon

    Around The World
    Love Train
    Laugh Laugh Laugh
    Hey Yah
    My Swagger
    Turn Up
    THE New Era

    I Won't Let You Go
    Love Loop


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  2. Love that they have a thread now. 7 for 7 was their best album to me...and my guilty pleasure Japanese song is Hey Yah. This is also the one group where my bias/wrecker CONSTANTLY switches based on the day.
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  3. Oh wow... and here I was thinking Yugyeom was at least a Lead Vocalist. He surely gets treated like one and rightfully so!!!
    nn the original Heejin
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  4. Is fluorescent lime green their official color color? dddd
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  5. He only has Rapper listed because he was the rapper in the original version of JJ Project (and I think rapped a couple times in their very early days), making him a full time vocalist was the right call dddd.

    Green and white to be exact, but that shade of green is the closest to the one they use nn.
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  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Can he keep this hair forever? Pls @God
  7. I pretty much love all their personalities. I’m scrubbing through their YouTube channel, they have so much content! They remind me of 2PM back in the day but they are so much more!

    Jinyoung and Jackson are friendship goals. Two polar opposites but they click like crazy.

    Jinyoung can rap but it’s not his forte. He’s a better singer and has a wonderful tone to his voice. His falsetto is heavenly.

    Yugyeom should be considered a lead vocalist. He’s heavily featured in the past two mini’s. (He should also consider acting, that face!)
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  8. So the original version of Eclipse was finally revealed by JB playing a snippet of it on Vlive and it’s so much better than the version we ended up getting, like SO MUCH BETTER. That chorus would’ve sounded so good properly mixed.

    Fuck JYP!
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  9. I think it’s just as good as the ‘JYP’ version? As much as I would like for the guys to have more creative control, I can understand in a way why JYP does the things he does. It’s a studio setting where JYP probably employees people to write lyrics, write music, record, mixing etc. KPOP is a business after all. Newer JYP acts probably have more creative control than GOT7 does but that’s probably due to the contract they sign since they were trainees. With or without direct input, their sound has evolved over the years and to me they’ve put out consistently great work the past couple years.
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  10. I feel bad that this thread is so in the hopes that one day maybe we can gather some more fans (maybe even enough for a rate) I thought I would share some of my favorite (and probably random) bsides. I stayed clear of some obvious favorites such as Let Me (go watch the part switch now!), I Like You, and Page.

    Remember You (7 For 7)

    Save You/ I'll Protect You (Present : YOU)

    Dreamin (Flight Log : Turbulence)

    Tic Tic Tok (MAD)

    Beggin' On My Knees (Flight Log : Departure)

    BONUS SONG (aks one of my favorite Kpop songs PERIOD)

    My Youth {Jinyoung's Solo} (Present : YOU)
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  11. My Youth is fucking gorgeous! Definitely one of my favorite pop songs ever. Jinyoung’s melancholic delivery and falsetto always give me chills when I listen to it.

    It deserves a full MV
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  12. The only good solo song off that album, tbh.
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  13. All this love for My Youth makes my heart happy! (Combined with the pain meds because I had dental work today.) I am feeling the love! LOL
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  14. Sorta agree but YoungJae’s Nobody Knows (probably his best vocal) is quite good followed by BamBam’s Party. Funny how they are listed sequentially.
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  15. Bumping this thread to ask what are people’s favourite b-side tracks? Just curious.

    Like Oh (how was this not their debut single???)
    Tic Tic Tok
    Beggin On My Knees
    No One Else
    I Am Me

    and if we take subunits into account, then:

    Coming Home
    The entire Focus On Me album

    As a whole group I don’t think they’ve produced a 100% all killer no filler album, but they improve with every new release and DYE is their most bulletproof effort yet, no songs on there I skip.
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  16. I still think You Calling My Name (minus Crash and Burn) and DYE are pretty much perfect pop releases.
    They are getting close to perfecting their sound. I'm hoping the creative team they worked with on their past two EP's work on their next release. Hopefully an album!

    Favorite B-sides/album tracks:

    Love You Better
    (Pretty much anything written by Jinyoung)

    No One Else
    My Youth
    TIC TIC Tok
    Nobody Knows

    They have a fuckload but this what I can recall immediately.

    Also they really need to get on with some reality shows. They are funny as fuck!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Okay I thought I was already a fan, but they have a song with my name??!? Now I have to stan.
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  18. Since I'm googling GOT7 all the time, BamBam came up on my Google feed. He has a new chest tattoo but more importantly, newly dyed blonde hair. I'm praying something is coming up soon. Jackson has been sort of quiet since he still has about a week of self quarantine to do.

  19. Well we’re due a new comeback from them before the end of the year, finally. Fingers crossed for a full album, which is likely since they seem to get one every two years.

    It could possibly be their last comeback before their contracts run out...
  20. I think it'll be a HUGE misstep if JYPE does not release an English single this comeback. With the success of BTS and BLACKPINK it will be easy to ride that wave.
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