I was so confused with the C because I didn't look at the rest of them. I was just thinking when JB posted this, we truly are glad they are free.

Literally half of them are on magazine covers. I’m sure it’s self promotion for their individual brands but this news has me gagged. I never expected them to do something together this soon.
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I’ll put ENCORE here. What a sweet video (of course it’s written by Jinyoung). I’m glad these guys have each other.

Also Jackson did a nice interview with DIVE Studio. A great watch to find out how he was misunderstood as a kid (ADHD) and how he got into JYP. Some insightful stuff were discussed.

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Not my oppa finally showing his body after leaving JYP. Best character development ever!!!!!!!!

Where is this iconic Jinyoung shower scene from? Did they actually film him showering? Now that’s a conspiracy theory I’m interested in.

It’s from his excellent drama He is Psychometric. He only tends to expose skin in his dramas but their is a pic from a recent photo shoot where he is showing skin. They definitely have more freedom after leaving JYPE.
Of course, it may not always be the case, but it’s strange to me that the big labels seem to like “censoring” a lot of their male idols, especially when it seems a) Most of them are fit and have athletic bodies and b) A lot seem to like the attention, anyway ddd
Can’t wait to hear JB’s stuff. Some of his best stuff was on JUS2.

Jinyoung did an Instagram live last week. He mentioned no solo work but again he’s with DISTRACT so he’s probably working on stuff and just trolling. At 11:24 you can listen to bits of his solo version of ENCORE and Wave.

He also did a bunch of English covers and sounded great on guitar.
Full video and video of the covers bel

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