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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by nikkysan, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. YoungJae solo Lonely. Not really my cup of tea..

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  2. I love the constant reassurance from this group!
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  3. Forgot to put LMLY in this thread.

    Jacksons new collab with Panthepak - DNA
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  4. Another week another pictorial. Where’s the music JayB?

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  6. Didn't expect an American outlet to pick this up but I guess the agency has some clout here.

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  7. Finally confirmed and looks like new music incoming.
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  8. Great news. I’m sure JAYB could put out a full album if he wanted to. He’s been sitting on music for a minute. Can’t wait to hear what he comes up with for himself!

    Also Mark headed to Shanghai a few days ago. Probably to further develop his clothing line?

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  9. I hope it’s a slow burner…
  10. Deserved! I hope the States gives the song a chance. American ahgases should get it to trend on Tiktok.
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  11. Deserved! Still a monster of a song.
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  13. These Ribbon memes are hilarious!
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  14. A little update:
    Busy busy bees...

    Jinyoung will be filming a sci-fi movie next month. His Lawyer show will debut in July.
    And he models on the side too.

    Great interview with JayB and Jay Park on going solo, finding an identity out of GOT7 and being ok with not selling millions compared to being in a group.

    Jackson is being Jackson. Still entertaining in China and working on his album. He's hinting it's going to be a pure pop record so I'm super excited if that happens!

    YoungJae is still in the midst of his Musical while his Nextflix show debuts next month.

    Mark is still galavanting in Shanghai. Guess he's setting up shop there?

    BAMBAM continues to stun with his concepts for his album! (Out 6/15)

    YugYeom is MIA
    (despite the few social media pics he post)
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  15. Only Jackson's last song really got me from the group's output post-GOT7, teebs, though Bambam's visuals there are so nice.
  16. I think we’re gonna be surprised by BamBam’s album. Party was a bop and Waiting For You was a much better mid-tempo compared to Jinyoung’s Wave.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Didn't Mark go to China to host some kind of competition show? With the news of Youth With You 3, has his show been effectively cancelled before it's even started?
  18. Ah really?! Could be the reason he’s posting a lot on Weibo…
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