I love all the releases but going solo shows how limited a singer some members are. Not that it really matters because each member have their unique “color” that other members can’t duplicate.

BamBam’s Air is probably the best thing on his EP. He excels at laidback dreamy tracks.
Nice write up on BamBam at NME.

Not them agreeing with me that Air is the musical direction he should be going in…ddddd (ps. I had no idea of the review until today)
Ribbon the song is very sugary sweet and requires a better singer for it not to sound soundcloud-y and cheesy. Agree that Air suits him best here.
GOT7 solo update...

YoungJae is still doing his musical...

Jackson is still doing a bazillion projects..

his new single out on the July 29th

JayB's mini is out August 26th

JinYoung signed on to a movie and is currently filming a new show.

(now the important stuff...)

Jinyoung recently posted on his Instagram story, music production at a studio. He's mentioned in the past he'll be just focusing on his acting and GOT7 so this is most likely for their comeback hopefully towards the end of the year.