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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by nikkysan, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. More of BamBam’s concept photos:

    (I’m still trying to figure out why he’s promoting a pre-single so hard?)

    Teaser of YoungJae’s (Holiday) single Walk With Me:
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  2. GOT7 members start the year with another mega drop…

    BamBam’s second solo album out Jan 18th

    Mark’s new single out on Jan 21st

    JAYB under his DEF moniker, new mini out on the Jan 26th

    Jackson’s just dropped his latest Chinese single...”Jackson Wang from China” dd
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  3. GOT7 update!
    Mark is back in Korea! He attended fashion week again right before his return.

    JayB is still doing his radio show plus he has a new collab track coming out tonight.

    Jackson dropped his english album Lost & Found with no fanfare this week. POWER is the highlight for me but another solid release.
    (Edit) Apparently Jackson is also back in Korea confirmed during a fan/live with BamBam!

    Jinyoung now has a shaved head and still collecting checks filming a bazillion projects. His latest movie is being released soon on Netflix. (He has no speaking lines in the trailer yet they used him as the thumbnail. I see you Netflix!)

    YoungJae and BamBam have been doing fansigns and pop-up’s for their albums.

    Yugyeom is MIA.
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  4. Jackson looked incredible for Coachella

    His new song sounds good, but doesn't seem like the best fit for his voice

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  5. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    JB/Jay B/Jaebeom/Def. is so powerful wowwwwww
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  6. Can we get a JUS2/JJ Project comeback before he enlists, please?
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  7. THIS TIMES 100! Their solo stuff is pleasant but they work so much better in Duos or Groups. I know for alot of these idols this is a jumping off point to get into acting or hosting gigs. JayB seems to be dead set on just focusing on music which is admirable.

    This should be interesting
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  8. For those who are into physicals, Pre orders are up! It’s happening guys!!

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  9. Putting the rest of the concept photos here. Sorry maknaes.

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  10. This is going to be an amazing album, ladies!
  11. Gaaah!! A fancam of NANANA has leaked! It’s from their fan event and I love it!!
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