NANANA is so bad, I’m crying.

Are the album tracks better? I still plan on listening to the whole album but the single kinda killed my anticipation for it a bitsy.

I’m so disappointed fff you’re not alone unnie! They had this opportunity to comeback with something really good to make a statement that they didn’t need JYP and they came back with maybe their most generic song ever… I think that’s always been the case with GOT7 title tracks though, they’re either massive serves or completely terrible, there’s no in between with them dddd

Thankfully the b-sides are all great, this is one of their strongest minis for me. Drive Me to the Moon is probably in their top 10 songs, period. Don’t Leave Me Alone has also grown on me a lot over the week too, it’s gorgeous. Jinyoung never misses with his composed tracks.
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I know it was a shock when they released their EP and just scrammed. But i’m glad they are feeding us crumbs with some behind the scenes stuff. I’m not sure if we’ll ever see the chaotic energy as a seven again but i’ll take what i can get.

Also Jinyoung’s Shining on Your Night from Yumi Cells 2. Talk about a perfect vocal. I know he has a great voice but he always surprises me with how good he actually is.
Not Jackson knowing what bussy is but not vulva!

The fact that he wants to meet the people that want to eat his ass…you called?

I tend to like warmer/darker shades on him but the styling is perfect here.


It’s been a while since I’ve been on Jinyoung’s page. The flawlessness of it all!

He looked SO GOOD at the Clash launch and I’m also still howling at the absolute hysteria he sent Twitter through with his PP/Billkin interactions. He’s really collecting those Thai BL boys like Pokémon cards lately.
Mark's full album is out....

Someone tell me if it's any good because after the last 5 singles I don't really wanna go there just yet.

Unfortunately not really. I’m halfway through and it’s a shame the album is lifeless, dour and depressing. On top of that the production…it’s just…boring. I think Mark has a nice enough voice but it’s a shame he decided to have his vocals auto-pitched to death. However his “sweet” singing tone is making me power through this album.