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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by nikkysan, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. What do we think is going to happen with the contract renewals next year? Do you think they will all renew or is this the end of the group? This single being called "Last Piece" feels a bit ominous...
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  2. I mentioned that when the album was announced..I'm not really sure. I have a feeling if someone wants to not sign, the band will disband. They still seem to enjoy performing together and puting out music for the fans so I think they will resign. I'm a little worried about Jackson and Jinyoung growing bigger but I think they are committed. Also the new law about the military service helps.
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  3. Yeah, the camera work is awful and honestly, their energy seemed a bit low here? But, I was more distracted since the start by the styling dddd what are those outfits and that hair??
  4. The real question we all need to be asking is that if Mark is getting the pay JYPE Marketing gets paid to promote them because the seven of them basically promoted themselves but Mark by far took it to another level.
  5. I don't really follow Mark much so I was unaware of it. Their management company is finally listening and subbing their vlives and behind the scenes episodes so thats something.

    @An Insider I didn't want to mention the low energy because I didn't want to sound so negative about the group but yeah I noticed that on the Breath performance. Plus JB fucked up and I've never notice him do so in the countless lives I've seen. I want to say they were really tired that day.
  6. They're usually fairly consistent from the couple of performances I saw so it's noticeable. But not such a big deal, maybe the boys went drinking the night before dddd
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  7. Ha I wish I was a fly on the wall if that happened.
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  8. Drunk Jinyoung is a MOMENT, LOL.
  9. Dddd I love them, but their lip syncing is awful for this performance so far (or maybe my stream was out of sync?). Kings look great though and JB slayed that dance break.
  10. I need to watch that MAMA performance. I can see where all their wardobe budget went to.
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  12. Great MAMA stages i could easily this in a concert setting. I hope they do a virtual tour.
    BamBam has been standing out in a good way this comeback. He's been great in all the performances and his styling has been on point(I honestly think he styles himself at times).
    He's also been great on the variety shows. There's a reason he, Jackson (the extroverts) and their BBF's were featured on Idol On Quiz, hilarious!
  13. The lighting production really elevated these songs for me. The way it went black and green after JB’s dance break and back to red for the final chorus of Not By The Moon was *chef’s kiss*

    It’s honestly still a bit lost on me what the overall theme was though ddd was it a fire princes kind of thing?
  14. Who knows it's like a hodge podge of their earlier concepts. This campaign doesn't really have a theme compared to past comebacks. You can tell everything just came about this comeback. I'm wondering what the backstory is.


    I've finally come around to the liking Breath of Love/Last Piece but thats do to simply playing it on repeat constantly. This album just pales in comparison to their recent work. Just listen to DYE right after this and it speaks for itself. I'm praying they have another release next year that reaches their peak.
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  15. Not this King having taste and being a possible ally.

    In sadder news looks like comeback promotions are already over.


    They dropped their live performance of Last Piece. The skits beforehand are so cute. Especially the one with Wang gae Park gae!!!

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  16. I responded to his post about how much I loved River Phoenix, LOL. Liking this movie, reading Call Me By Your Name, we stan Prince Jinyoung even more. I cannot believe promotions are over. Like as much as it would hurt, I absolutely would not blame them if they didn’t re-sign and give a big you know what to the company. They love being a group, they love the fans, but at this point I don’t think a single one of them can stomach being there anymore. We all know JB has been done for a long time.
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  17. The fact that he watched the ultimate tragic bromance movie is a mood.

    Whatever they do i hope they stay together as a group. Despite JYP's shortcomings one thing he's good at is putting groups together. Their chemistry is uncanny.
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  18. I think it depends on my mood, but I actually love listening to the last album when I’m in the mood for something more laidback. DYE is great for a workout.
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  19. Jinyoung posted a video of him playing at a keyboard and singing Harry Styles’ song Falling and I about lost my damn mind. This man’s taste is spot on (the first album was better but that’s another thread...) I’d be DOA if he had been singing Sign Of The Times/Two Ghosts/Sweet Creature.

    I’m glad I finally settled on him as my bias, I went back and forth but I’ve always circled round and came back to Jinyoung.
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  20. This part was so cool yesterday

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