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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by nikkysan, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. I'm cutting the group a TON of slack for only promoting their album for only a week. They've been booked! Virtual fan meets, variety shows, performing at awards shows, and doing mini-concerts?! Some highlights from the Shopee event. Seem they performed total fan favorites. This comeback has definitely been about the fans.

    I love these guys!


  2. I really feel for him, teebs.
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  3. Poor baby. He should take a break from the coloring (I'm not a fan of his pink hair anyway, ha!)

    I forget who's a WangGae ParkGae fan here but Good God!! The amount of Jackson/Jinyoung interactions this comeback is staggering! Almost to the effect of just total fan service. I'm not complaining because I think it's genuine but its just more obvious this comeback.
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  4. *Sheepishly holds up hand very quickly in the very back of the room and just as quickly puts it back down wishing nobody notices.*
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  5. Stand up you loud and proud! If Jinyoung is more comfortable with it, we should be too. They were all over each other in their latest VLIVE.

    Anyway new Jackson solo song out on 12/17.

    BamBam's new song out today/tomorrow depending on time zone.


    Youngjae's OST MV
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  6. The amount of bleaching K-Pop stars' hair goes through is just insane - I'm always amazed how nice it looks and then when they do close-ups sometimes you can just tell its FRIED. I prefer Jackson with darker hair anyway so...bring it back to black and brown!

    Also...LOVE that they performed "If You Do"! Haven't seen that one done in a minute...
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  7. If You Do is such a bop, I'm glad they performed it for us! And yeah I despise Jackson's hair color, darker shades are best on him. He even complained about it on his Instagram today.

    On a serious note, Jackson did an instagram live talking about mental health and telling everyone to make sure you do things that make you happy. It seems he has been battling depression trying to run his company and running on all cylinders. The older members really seem to be at a turning point and doing a bunch of self-reflecting (JB, Jinyoung and now Jackson have mentioned this). Selfishly it seems they still enjoy being in the group and I hope they stick around.
  8. I love that they did If You Do, it was the first GOT7 song I think I fully like hard stanned for. If they ever tour again, it's a shame they remove it from the American dates, although I completely understand why they take it out, it would be great to see one of my faves performed. Make no mistake about it, if the 7 of them didn't gel and genuinely get along the way they do, they would be OUT when the contract is up. I still have hope but...idk. JB at first was the most obvious he was at a crossroads but now I think all the hyung line is trying to figure out their way and who they are as people now, and who they want to be in the future. I will say Jinyoung's Instagram truly has become one of my favorites.
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  9. GOT7 at KBS Song Festival:


    Last Piece (I don't know how you can film great choreography and make it look bad, the cameramen succeeded...ughh)
  10. They look so happy when they before older songs, or songs that they themselves enjoy. Out is such a GOT7 choice of song, LOL.
  11. These guys never fail to entertain me. They have been a blessing to me during this horrible year.

    LAST PIECE live holiday version:

  12. Last Piece has grown on me a lot lately. I opened the video thinking they added some sleigh bells on it or something, but was just as amused!
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  13. The whole album has actually grown on me when at first I "despised" it.. It's actually sorta genius in context of their whole catalog. I'll do a write up during the holiday weekend.
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  14. And so it begins...I would love for him to get into an agency that takes care of their actors. At the same time I still want to hear music from him. Selfishly I want him to renegotiate better terms with JYP so he can stick with his boys. Ideally he can sign a different acting contract with a different company?
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  15. Ugh I don’t want to be that person but...then doing the retro-fan meet, the pics recreating how they started and then them choosing to perform Out...yeah...I’m by no means a conspiracy theorist but if you look at everything, idk, I think they have been trying to let us fans know for awhile now...if Jinyoung wasn’t the only member we know of that wanted at least 1/2 way out and only have JYPE handle GOT7 stuff, then I would think it’s possible. This company would simply represent him for acting roles and projects, which isn’t too far fetched since JYPE dissolved their acting division. MY only concern is that if I was one of the other members that was tired of sitting on my hands while the company does nothing with me, they would want the same type of deal, I would want the same thing too. Does JYPE care enough about them to deal with multiple out of house factors when they barely put in the effort for the guys now? I mean they just did a promotion for ONE week...

    EDIT: just watched this on their YouTube channel, why did I tear up?!!

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  16. Has JYP’s handling of GOT7 really been bad? I see a lot of fans complaining about that.
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  17. It’s the consensus. I’ve only started stanning them this year so the complaints i’ve seen (which i’m sure are valid) i’ve sorta brushed off because of COVID, were everything just went to shit.

    I wanted to add upon what @camden_italian said about this whole retro concept. I’ve noticed it too. Anything that has been pre recorded has given off a retro or nostalgic vibe. The kicker is it started off with their latest album. A thing that has irked me about it was it’s dated sound. In context it’s making sense now. A lot of the tracks could have been pulled from their earlier works and they have mentioned some of the songs are from years ago. Another thing to note is that January is to be their 7th anniversary. So yeah it could have been an anniversary project looking back at the past. However it’s not that simple. There has been rumors of their comeback being delayed, lack of promo, contracts re-negotiations etc. The album is perfectly positioned to be an anniversary album or a goodbye to fans.
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  18. Ummm...the levels depends on what fan you ask out for the most part, these past couple of comebacks I’ve definitely noticed a shift. Now whether that’s JYPE doing less, or the guys being more vocal about their frustrations that have brought it to my attention...maybe a little bit of both? For me it all started with the Spinning Top era...that’s when I as a fan started to notice things. Having a week of promotions (and that’s a stretch) is insanity. Like the status of many of my previous relationships, it’s complicated. LOL
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  19. So first the rumors of Jinyoung signing with a different agency and now I am reading that Yugyeom is in talks with a different agency. Supposedly their are talks of them still being GOT7 but I guess some being in other places but I mean...would any of them actually stay with JYPE exclusively? And the company barely puts effort into them now despite the money they make them so are they really going to deal with scheduling with tons of other agencies for the week of promotion they do a year? My heart is heavy and I’m already stress because I live in Georgia here in the states.
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