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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by nikkysan, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. Yeah they’re basically done after the supposed repackage coming soon. Oh well.
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  2. I wonder which members we’ll still see hanging out after this. Who among them are the closest?
  3. I still think it's possible for them to be in different agencies but comeback as a group for promotional activities. They just need to have adept people working for them to schedule things right. Mark has been pretty blatant about them sticking together with his 'Seven Or Nothing' slogans on social media. I'm sure they will be together in some form. I think the agency talk is negotion tactics to get a better deal with JYPE. Of course if JYPE can't give them a better deal they should go elswhere.

    As for if they do breakup and who is to most likely stay in touch? They all have a nice brotherly bond together.. but the obvious besties BamBam and Yugyeom will stick it through. Jackson and Jinyoung is a sure thing too but they tend to keep things on the down low so it's not as obvious to people.
    Jinyoung also seems to have a good rapport with the younger members.
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  4. Has it been done before that the group continued, but are from different agencies? Won’t JYP still have a say on the specifics to how their music releases will go?
  5. The only one I know of is Taec being managed by a different agency to the rest of the 2PM members. It works for him. I'm not sure how it will work with all 7 members of GOT7.


    Just read about the deleted posts and unfollowings from JYP and the members. Guess we’ll be hearing about new agencies everyday until their anniversary.
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  6. Yeah, continuing the discussions from the main K-Pop thread, it looks like it isn't an amiable parting of ways so them working something out doesn't seem likely at this point.
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  7. Today, I learned Lisa and Bambam are childhood friends.


    So cute! I kinda ship.
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  8. Just so this thread is updated with the news, too.
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  9. They’re such trolls ddddd

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  10. Ugh...I feel some type of way...but don’t want to talk about it. *starts to shed a tear so quickly leaves.*
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  11. I feel odd too. I hope they come together in a live and keep us assured. Not that they have to but yeah...I'm going go ugly cry to these and drown myself in donuts.

    Notice how most of these songs hit harder now.

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  12. Seeing them so tight makes me very hopeful for the future. The Shinhwa route seems very possible!
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  13. Yeah I don't want them to fracture like NSYNC and TVXQ went. Nothing compares to what they did in their groups.
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  14. Like I mentioned in another thread, can’t they presumably self produce something? Maybe a whole concert would be a lot, but like a one off show looking back at their time together would be cute.

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  15. Anyway, I recently just became a fan mostly because a lot of their recent stuff are bops (I mention even liking their last album, which people are sort of meh about). They’re indeed very entertaining to watch as a group in varieties. I know a lot of the friendships in groups can be manufactured or for show, but I actually hope they’re as close as they seem to be. Will hopefully have time this week to go on a binge, along with BoA!
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  16. Not surprised about Thailand, they are huge their. BAMBAM should be proud. They're also trending on the iTunes Kpop album chart.
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  17. I don’t know how reliable this is, but this might be a ray of light?

    I can still see them having some sort of hiatus, even if this were true though.
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  18. I read that in several places and I just can't put too much faith into it. Is this a new law? If not why didn't BEAST and other groups do the same thing? Didn't JYPE extend the trademark until 2024? Way too many questions for me.

    I guess we'll find out next week.
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  19. I’d imagine if that were true, they’d still need the support of a major label/company.
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