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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by nikkysan, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. It would be hilarious if they all went to AOMG (Jay Park’s company) for GOT7 releases. Regardless with the amount of news and cache they are getting. I would think many record labels will be knocking. They seem to be gaining more popularity for leaving JYPE. Increased digital sales, social media subscribers, etc..

    Mark's YouTube subscribers is already over 600,000 from 100,000 just a few days ago. And he has no videos on his channel yet! Ha!
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  2. I honestly think they would do well with a bit of a break to pursue solo ventures. From what I saw, their sales last year were decent, but it was a bit of a decline? They’ll have a bigger bargaining chip with the labels if some of the members get good solo success to widen their reach and they reunite. I’m not talking years, more like just a single year break, then a big comeback in 2022.

    2021 won’t be a lucrative year to be a musician anyway because of Covid so then branching out into online content/clothing/movies/OSTs would be a smart move.
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  3. That's actually a great idea and probably one of the reasons they refused to resign. Instead of JYPE exploring alternative ways to create content during COVID they just sat there. I'm pretty sure GOT7 made a TON of money during their world tours and the only reason JYPE wanted them to resign as a group. I'm still trying to figure out why they squandered their global potential.

  4. I suppose it’s some label political shit. Was it SM that intentionally sabotages their artist close to contract renewal to get them a bad deal (or is that just a fan theory)?

    Yeah, it’s especially weird since I was watching their interviews and I think about half of them speak English fluently?

    By the way, Jackson’s shake sounds absolutely rancid.
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  5. Ha that's Jackson for you. He's always doing some new diet.

    Jinyoung, BamBam, Jackson and Mark all speak English. BamBam and Jinyoung's Grammer is not the best but they can express themselves in English and are coherent. Jinyoung's enunciation is amazing for someone who's not a native English speaker.


    Jackson is on the ground running. He'll probably release 30 songs this year. An English album, Chinese album and collabos throughout the year.
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  6. THE 16TH is officially their 7 year anniversary. Excited to see what the next 7 years brings them.
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  7. So Youngjae and Jackson might end up in the same management company. While Youngjae has officially signed an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist. Jackson's Team Wang are discussing a business arrangement.


    Jackson confirmed joining today

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  8. I'm surprised Mark is first out of the gate with solo content. New collab single One In A Million comes out February 12th.

    This video he just posted 4 hours ago is already at 650,000 views, WTF?
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  9. Wow so they are one of the few acts that actually signed a decent contract. No wonder their promotions started to decline through the years. I bet the only way JYPE could make money off of them was through their tours. I also read JYPE lost a dozen or so employees recently. Wouldn't be surprised if GOT7's team left too.

    In other news it's official with Jinyoung signing to BH Entertainment.
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  10. Not sure what the MV is about but blatant Team Wang promo. Hustling as usual.

    If no one minds I'll talk about there solo stuff in this thread.
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  11. Well, Mark confirmed they’re still finding the best way to continue as a group. They don’t consider GOT7 disbanded.
  12. I believe’em. While finding the best way to regroup they are taking a break doing other projects. I doubt we would have had this collabo Mark did with Sanjoy if they were still at JYPE.

    I actually really love this! Production is great!

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  13. Get ready, Ahgases.

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  14. He's arriving!!
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  15. Here it is
  16. The boys have been posting invidivual letters to their IG stories. Youngjae is still lagging behind so we don't know what's coming but the general consensus is they're spelling ENCORE. It was assumed to be CONCERT but now that Jackson's letter is just a heart the only thing left to think is ENCORE once Youngjae finally decides to post nn.

    The photo is MASSIVE so I'll just point out that Yugyeom is E, Jinyoung is N, JAYB is C, Mark is O (originally he posted N but deleted), Bambam is R and Jackson is a green heart with a video of confetti.

    Right after Yugyeom's AOMG announcement they're already revealing stuff as a group, consider me perched!

  17. If they do a surprise comeback when I just opened their rate jdksjdksjkd I HATE THEM
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  18. I was so confused with the C because I didn't look at the rest of them. I was just thinking when JB posted this, we truly are glad they are free.
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