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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by dietcokeaddict, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Apparently an EP before the album comes out.
  2. Of course, it is 2019 after all.
  3. No EPs please. They're used to make sure someone flops so they don't have to invest in a proper album.

    Liam Payne even flopped with his! Rak Su flopped with theirs too.

    Proper full album only please.
  4. While we would always want a full album it just doesn't seem to be the way with new artists. Rak Su have been building up their streaming since their one and are still releasing music so it's not the biggest disaster - they might get to an album at some point but you compare them still going and releasing to Matt Terry who got the album out and then just disappeared instantly. Liam confuses me and what happened with his strategy was just messy.
  5. I'd rather a full album was released and they disappeared then no album, a few singles and a EP.
  6. She has no fanbase and no streaming presence. Any type of EP is the most sensible option to just get her out there at this point.
  7. She has a song called "Safe and Sound" with Tokio Myers, coming out soon.

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  8. Debut single. January 31st.
  9. I apparently follow her on Twitter and she even has a video ready to go by the looks of it.
  10. ‘Invisible’ is out next Friday.
  11. It's out.. it's not quite what I was hoping for but I'm not sure if it's necessarily the wrong song. Is it a bit Billie Eilish because I don't really get her...
  12. Not keen.. been waiting for her debut since she finished x factor.. the tracks she performed on the show were far better. Disappointed.
  13. I love the song, it's great and she sounds so good on it.
    But lead material? Don't think so.
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  14. I feel this could be put in any big pop girl thread (bar Dua) from the last 18 months ddd
  15. I like it, The chorus is very Imogen Heap.
  16. It's a real grower, this song.

    How have Syco got so useless that X Factor finalists like her and Dalton can put out a single and them be completely ignored?
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  17. New Single "Addicted To Blue" newt week.

  18. An absolute step up from Invisible. Loving this!
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  19. Sounds great on first listen!
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  20. Loving this! Invisible was good but a bit forgettable. This is very "now" and deserves a proper promo.
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