Grace Jones

Just got tickets for The Downs in Bristol. I'm so excited, I'm FINALLY seeing Grace live after waiting for so many years. She's always been near the top of my bucket list artists. Same for Lauryn Hill who is also headlining, can't wait.
At a festival date she headlined years ago she hinted that the album would be called “Full Moon”. Though that picture looks more like a setting sun? Hmmm.

Full Moon would be a great title.
I think that's the Moon and not the Sun in the pic, the lighting looks wrong for it to be the Sun. The Moon flares when you take a picture with a phone camera.
I hope we are finally getting album news!

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I don't think it's such a reach if they really are filming in Jamaica tho. But if she truly mentioned an album with the Full Moon name it could go either way. Grace Jones, Queen Of Keep Us Guessing.