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Grace Jones

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Hopefully the coins she made from this ad and the Facebook one are paying for studio time.
    Finish that new album woman!
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  2. I mean, would she...?

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  3. It’s new content, so I’ll take it I guess.

    She should do an anti fraud one soundtracked by Corporate Cannibal (digital criminal).
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  4. I'd love to be shushed by Grace.
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  6. That's very interesting cos I'm planning on being in LA in September.

    Looking at tickets now!!!
  7. Only there don't seem to be any tickets left. Or maybe the website doesn't make any sense. Can't make nay sense of it.

    Meltdown it is.
  8. Grace Jones with an orchestra was a call I couldn't resist. My wallet weeps.
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  9. I'd rather watch the rehearsals than the actual concert.
  10. I forgot until 11am so was fully expecting them to have all gone but there were plenty left.

    See you there @Dennis.

    I also worked how to buy Hollywood Bowl tix. I'm temptated.
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  11. The Grace Jones with Orchestra show is tomorrow, please post reviews and set list here if you go.
    I'm hoping she announces the new album soon.
  12. Queen is 40 minutes late so far - the boomers are restless!!!!
  13. The best gig I’ve ever been to. I’m dead.
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  14. New songs!!
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  15. My first time seeing Grace last night and I’m still on such a high. The new music is sounding wonderful - especially Born Black. No More got an amazing reception by the end - maybe due to its big anti-war message. I’m excited to hear the studio versions of both. The highlights for me were definitely William’s Blood and Love is the Drug. She genuinely seemed to be loving being on stage - she was so mischievous and witty.
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  16. Videos of the two new songs.

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  17. Can she release a new album already?
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  18. Maybe she’s releasing an orchestral live album?
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