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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by aquaplex, Aug 22, 2010.

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  2. If its any consolation, the full version of I Want To Live on the single includes the doo doo doo doo bits!
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  4. Yeah this was a really good mix, a bit lighter than the original.

    Was a re-dubbed video done?
  5. The If I Could Fly video is finally on youtube

    The track gives me the same feeling that Massive Attaccks Unfinished Symphony, Emilie Sandies Heaven and The Source's You Got The Love (Now Voyager mix) gives me
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  6. One of her/ their songs came on my iPod the other day. They had some great songs and for a dance act were quite consistent with hitting the Top 30 (bar Hand In Hand which went to #38). I always found it odd how Patti Low seemed to get bumped from being the lead singer yet still turned up to do backing vocals for I Want To Live and appear in the video.

    Such a shame Not Over Yet aside, none of their material is available now. The album was quite good too.

    I wonder what Dominique is up to nowadays.
  7. Oops sorry just realised I had started a post six years ago! My bad - can they be merged?

    I suspect the doo doo doo's were removed from I Want To Live on the album as they were removing all trace of Patti?
  8. Was there a different video for this? I think I saw it on a '97 promo compilation on eBay a few years ago, but was outbid. Was there a video for 'You're Not Mine', do you know?
  9. I'm not sure. I assume yes for the former but probably no for the latter?

    I bought the cassette if Not Over Yet for the exclusive B side Helpless and got it ripped to MP3 last year.
  10. My absolute number one! I was hoping that this thread was about this Grace! Maybe you should put Perfect in brackets after it.
    Every time I see Grace somewhere in music I hope it's "them", even like ten years ago there was a Grace that was unclear what it was or who it was, I even bought several releases and it wasn't them.
    "Not Over Yet" is THE anthem, and the BT remix elevates it to heavenly anthem.
    I don't know whose voice I prefer, but I do love that Dominique went on to lend vocals to the Tilt anthem (yes b they are all anthems!) Invisible.
    What I loved about all the original Grace releases is that they served drop-dead gorgeous remixes. And I think the biggest of them all was the Jam El Mar remix of Hand In Hand, the build-up is quite like nothing I've ever heard before or after. I dream dream dream what one day they will play this in a club from the very beginning, and it's very loud and the crowd goes crazy.

    I love how in the album (yes the album!) the version of I Want To Live is different, I always assumed an early version as it is missing the "too-doo-too" after the "I want to live"'s.
    I have almost all the promo vinyls too. Thanks for posting!
  11. Yeah but Helpless is quite pants as a track and it seems it has no vocals at all, or am I thinking of the I Want To Live B-side on the OZ cd?
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  13. I want that solely for the Matt Darey radio edit of Not Over Yet.

    No you were thinking Eureka which was on the CD to I Want To Live. Helpless has vocals by Patti.

    Perfecto no longer own the sound recordings to the Grace material - hence them only releasing remixes. The sound recordings fall under Warners control now though I'm not sure they realise that!
  14. Interesting, they could release a two-cd deluxe edition with the best mixes. Hell make it a triple!
    I actually have the Not Over Yet cassette but I think I never played it. I do have the equipment.
    Has it really not been released on cd?
  15. Nope.

    I like how back in the 90s, Grace had the, err, grace to change their name when they found out there was already a band with their name (they were originally going to be called State Of Grace).

    Shame that since then and even now other Grace's didn't do the same!
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  16. Yeah there are so many Graces now that it's silly. I mean, be a little bit more original!
    What's next, another Kylie? Oh wait...

    Of course it would be great to have the singles reissued but aside from Girls Aloud, has anyone actually done it? I can't see it happening here, the chances of a reissue expanded album are less dim, don't you think?
  17. It's a shame Oakenfold decided to pack the project in and could to have just left it to Steve Osborne and Dominique. Though I guess by then they had a new female singer (Jan Johnston) on their books...
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  18. I am going through a trance pop love-in at the moment - all those Perfecto remixes, Chicane, Grace, BT, Sasha, Tilt, anything with a Jan Johnston vocal (Love Will Come by Tomski is my trance pop numero uno tune), Paul Van Dyke, Thrillseekers, a few random tunes with Alexis Strum on there (Dreaming Of You), Way Out West,'s a fairly maligned genre I think but when it works it soars.

  19. Klaxons did it better </trolling>
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