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Grammy Awards 2012

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by SpanishEyes, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Any predictions? (Well, except Adele.)
  2. Rmx


    Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    I hope Gaga has got loads of nominations.
  3. Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    Same, but she didn't put forward her best song song, I'm pretty sure.

    I wonder who will be the scandalous snub this year.
  4. Re: Grammy Nominations 2012


    I wish Björk would ever get one. Just to get her name out there a bit again.
    And can JLo please get anything for Love? / On The Floor?
  5. Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    Beyoncé, perhaps?

    But she must get a nomination for Album of the Year.
  6. Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    Hope to see Till The World Ends nominated for Best Dance Recording but I'm not sure it was submitted.
  7. 3Xs


    Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    Born This Way wins best Comedy Album.

    Adele reigns.

    Beyonce, Britney, Rihanna and all the other pop gurls get snubbed for their lives.

    Is what's going to happen.
  8. Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    Kanye, surely?

    Yes! (And she'd actually deserve it this time.)
  9. Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    Maroon 5 and Christina will get one nomination eather for best song or collabortion/something similar.

    And I'm praying for Christina to get some nominations for Burlesque soundtrack and Bound to You.

    Please ... please ... please ...
  10. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Re: Grammy Nominations 2012


    I am hoping that Moves Like Jagger gets at least 1 nomination.

    And I want Adele to be nominated everything else.

    It would nice wouldn't it, poshlopez? Bound To You is one of the best, I hope the Grammy people see that.
  11. Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    Adele in every possible category.
  12. Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    It would be boring if Adele won them all.

    I hate when one artists sweeps the board.
  13. Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    Obviously Lady Gaga and Adelle are going to rightfully reign. I'm hoping Beyonce gets a nomination, as well as 'Moves Like Jagger'.

    Rihanna probably won't get anything, and neither will Britney. I only feel like Britney out of the two deserves it though.
  14. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    I'm hoping Taylor gets nominated for Speak Now but apparently it's extremely rare to have an artist album after album of year to be nominated.

    Back To December for song and record of the year as well.

    I would also love Till The World Ends to get some nominations!
  15. Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    I would watch this if I didn't think Adele would sweep.
  16. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    I wouldn't mind if Britney gets snubbed. She's not the Grammy-winning type.
  17. Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    Wasn't there an article last week about the Britney, Rihanna and Gaga being moved out of the Dance category and into the Pop one? It seemed a bit odd, but I definitely remember reading it.
  18. Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    I would love for Beyoncé to get snubbed completely. Just so we can drag her for basically proving that she had Matthew pay for Grammys.
  19. Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    Yes it would. It got Golden Globe nomination so I'm expecting Bound To You to be at least nominated for best song from motion picture/or whatever that category is called.

    Also I think that Lady Gaga will be short/snubbed this year with nominations because her submitions were poor and rather small in numbers.

    Also Beyonce will be nominated but in some other insignificant categories.
  20. Re: Grammy Nominations 2012

    When and where will this show?
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