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Grammys 2011

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by aOblivious, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Is anyone really surprised The Suburbs won?

    It's too bad Jennifer Lopez didn't perform, the show could have used a proper glitzy dance number.
  2. No real memorable performance tonight... Meh, not bad overall.
  3. The stage looked so tiny for performances. It reminded me of the VMAs the year Britney performed Gimme More when they have those different small stages.
  4. 3Xs


    The Suburbs was the obvious winner. I could never get into it though.

    Overall it was alright. Started off strong with the Aretha tribute and there were a few good moments sprinkled in, but it's not like there's anything I'll remember in a few months time.

    Mostly I'm just happy Rihanna, Miranda, Sade and Mavis Staples won awards.
  5. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Lady Gaga, Usher, Cee Lo, Gwyneth, Norah Jones, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Mick Jagger, and Jennifer Lopez's legs all did a great job of making the show worth watching.
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  6. It was a pretty decent show, the biggest indicator being that I was planning to do my homework during it but...didn't.
  7. 3Xs


  8. My favorite random moment was Usher reminiscing about that time he ______ Justin Bieber in a parking lot.
  9. Bieber crying because of Queen Esperanza Spalding.


    The best!
  10. Esperanzeus Spaldeity: Stealing awards and wrinkling suits.
  11. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Was Justin the odds on favorite? Sure, there were some people robbed (Drake, Florence) but Le Biebs was not one of them.
  12. I unashamedly enjoyed the Usher/Bieber performance. Particularly the dance move where Biebs goes through Usher's arms.
  13. slimane

    slimane Guest

    The only people that ever thought Bieber was going to win were his crazy fans. I thought it was obvious it would go to Espa...whatsherface. Her only competition was Mumford and sons but a group won last year. Flo is getting loads of media opportunities she doesn't need the Grammy really.
  14. I've found Gagas performance on the front page here, but are there any YouTube links to any of the other performances from last night?
  15. What's the difference between Best Song and Best Record?

    I know one is for the writters and one is for the performer (and producer?) but is that the only difference?

    1.) "you have a 3D movie? do 86 concerts? sell out MSG in 22 minutes? have 7mil followers? no? uh..why da f**k you win a grammy?"

    2.) "hey @espespalding congrats on winning best unknown artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u def deserved that one"

    3.) "If You Google @EspeSpalding You'll See She Has Many Albums Out ; WTF !! Why Was She Nominated If Shes Not New !!"

    4.) "@ESPESPALDING @THEGRAMMYS Congrats u ppl! U just crushed a 16yr old boys dreams...hope ur proud of urselves! -_- #JustinDeservedIt"


    6.) "So, @EspeSpalding just won with less than 10,000 followers on twitter. LOL. Sorry, I must have accidently turned my t.v to Punk'd. #Grammys"

    7.) "congrats @EspeSpalding on your 5069 followers...LOL. I HAVE MORE THAN YOU. WHO ARE YOU LMFAO?"

    8.) "@espespalding YOU NEED TO GIVE @Justinbieber your award!"

    9.) "Oh & If @EspeSpalding Tells Justin About The Hate Tweets & Justin Warn Us To Stop, She'll Get More Hate Tweets."

    10.) "@EspeSpalding hate u"

  17. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I cannot wait for Le Biebs fans to grow up and look back at themselves with utter shame.
  18. I'd love it if Spaulding just tweeted something back along the lines of; "You can all say what you like ... BUT I STILL HAVE MY GRAMMY HAAAAAAAAAA!"

    Then I would buy her album.
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