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Grammys 2014

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Oh I thought it was best pop performance or something?

    Who won that?!

  2. She won both, actually.
  3. To be honest Song of the Year is irrelevant compared to Record of the Year.

  4. I sound like a broken record, but Tamar Braxton getting shunned while a half-baked mess like Unapologetic wins Best R'n'B album, and Justin Timberlake's latest 9-minute dirge wins best R'n'B song is pop injustice.
  5. I feel like Fantasia should have been given a sympathy Grammy in a minor category. Side Effects of You is amazing.
  6. I actually cannot at Adele winning yet another Grammy. It's going to be so embarrassing in 2020, when Beyoncé and Adele hit triple digits for their number of Grammy Awards.
  7. Yes Beyonce! let that backing track use you!! She started out good, I kept waiting for it to explode, but it went nowhere.
    Pink was good, I really didn't think she would do the same thing all over again, at least add something new to it.
    Katheryn's lifeless dancing was a mess.
    I really wish Taylor had a strong voice.
  8. Those people didn't actually get married did they? Wasn't it more an "affirming of vows" like some middle aged couples do after one of them has had an affair?

    If it was a real wedding, then California has really lapse wedding license rules and impersonal much?
  9. The mass wedding made me cringe. I get what they were trying to do, but it was nauseatingly saccharine and try-hard.
  10. Katy pole dancing on a broomstick while a bright red cross lights up on her boobs must be the pop highlight of this young year.
  11. The problem with Madonna bringing a cane for fashion purposes is that it almost looked appropriate:

  12. Girl On Fire actually won best R&B Album, Unapologetic won Best Urban Contemporary Album. And half baked? What does Tamar even do? I do like the song Love and War but I feel like she is just some ThatGrapeJuice Prodigy.
  13. [​IMG]

    Madonna looked like one of the Gentlemen from Buffy.
  14. "Urban Contemporary"? What kind of made up category to ensure certain stars attend.

    I watched the Taylor "reaction" thing. She slightly jolts as her team applaud of hearing an "R". Such a non story peddled by people still mad about the Kanye thing.
  15. Kendrick (& Imaginary Dragons) though. Jesus.
  16. Taylor may only slightly jolt but watch the two men behind and beside her, they're priceless!
  17. Interesting that Taylor and Madonna have both won seven Grammy and that Taylor didn't win anything yesterday.


  18. [​IMG]

    Kesha did it better!
  19. 'My husband made me a popstar hehe' would never get a Grammy babes.
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