Grammys 2023

It feels like the entire music, film and fashion industries are doing everything they can for him to succeed. Winning Album of the Year would be like rewarding all of them for the years of work they’ve put into this blank canvas

Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised. I would be more shocked at Beyonce winning over Harry. She has so many haters in the industry.
It's interesting there's this big discussion of Album of the Year, but it feels like the Grammy's have moved in the past several years to emphasize Record of the Year as an equal standard bearer of significance. It's hard to picture anything but As It Was winning Record (it's obviously not based on quality, but here we are), and if they're in the mood to spread the wealth, that opens things up for Bad Bunny, Kendrick, or Beyonce in Album. I think this is Adele's "Red" year, the nomination is almost perfunctory and the win itself.
Honestly they should just flood us like the day before they air to remind everyone and get them excited. Announce BTS or another rabid stan base the day before and you’re number one on trending and it’s not about the incoming mess you’re sitting on
Wait...are you able to elaborate?

Diane Warren for example, she is likely a voter. She was mad Alien Superstar had a lot of writers. She won’t be voting for Beyoncé. Let’s not forget Santana saying Beyoncé is not a singer like Adele and that’s why she didn’t win with Lemonade. Do you remember The country awards she performed at, a lot of them were disgusted Beyoncé was performing there, a lot of those would be voters. There is more, but I’m tired.