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Grammys 2023

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Jun 9, 2022.

  1. I have a feeling Benito will take this one
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  2. Benito VS Beyoncé is the only Album of the Year battle I am acknowledging. Don't even bother nominating anyone else.
  3. Nobody came close to Beyoncé this year. Un Verano Sin Ti was enjoyable but it truly cannot compete in terms of quality.
  4. It's probably between Benito, Beyonce and *gulp* Harry.
  5. Well she submitted it for the category so if she wins I really don't want to see another plastic tiara moment. Just take the award you put yourself forward for and go.
  6. Wouldn’t surprise me if they give it to Rosalia… she’d check so many boxes to make the Grammy’s feel good about themselves.

    This Academy has lost it all at this point - Beyoncé shouldn’t bother lending them her credibility at this point.
  7. Beyonce should be the clear front-runner, but Bad Bunny has had the biggest album of the year by miles, and he's arguably the biggest artist on the planet right now. I could see it going to him.

    Adele winning would be a travesty. And Taylor getting nominated for a re-recorded album is not something I even want to entertain, to be honest.
  8. The Rosalia album doesn’t seem like something the Recording Academy would embrace. Too left of centre as a whole for them as an awards show.
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  9. But it’s really about who they want to reward than what, we know that.
  10. Motomami is a great album, I’d love to see it get a nomination but I definitely don’t see it winning.
  11. Motomami is clearly album of the year. I can only take Beyonce winning over her.
  12. I think you are all forgetting Latin Grammy Album of the Year nominee, AGUILERA by Christina Aguilera.

  13. Girls it’s Harold’s sweep year, stop paying attention now and find peace
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  14. I think Rosalia will win big at the Latin Grammys but will be ignored sadly (and unfairly) by the main Grammys. Adele will win SOTY and ROTY with Ease on Me and that's it. Her album should be nominated, it's a terrible uninspired album. Same for Harry, it's background music to listen in a sushi bar not AOTY material.
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I wanna know which shock British girls are gonna sneak into Best New Artist.
  16. I think As It Was will give Easy on Me some competition in ROTY and SOTY. I'm also interested to see if Break My Soul gets attention in those categories, and if it might be able to pull off a surprise win.
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  17. Yeah who even are the contenders for Best New Artist this year. I can't think of anyone (that would realistically be nominated).

    My unrealistic choices:
    Rina Sawayama
    Allison Ponthier
    Jensen McRae
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  18. For Alternative Album hopefully Mitski and Maggie Rogers get noms. And Syd's "Broken Hearts Club" for R&B Album. For Album Of The Year I won't accept any other win other than Bad Bunny or Beyonce.
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  19. Manifesting a Harold Album of the Year win not because he deserves it but because it will trigger a tsunami of think pieces and critical discourse about another mediocre white person being awarded for doing the absolute least over two exceptionally rich bodies of work by people of colour and cause his inevitable decay to be supercharged to the point where his reign would be over and my soul would once again know peace.
  20. [​IMG]

    Him getting nothing would bring peace to my soul.
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