Grammys 2023

I actually think we may be safe from an Adele sweep this year. Easy on Me will probably get some awards but the album didn't have nearly the same widespread impact as her last few releases, so I could see them going for something bigger and better.

Though, the Grammys almost always find a way to disappoint ddd.
The more I think about it, the more Harry’s House makes sense for Album if the Year. I just don’t see them rewarding an album as eclectic as Renaissance or a reggaeton album to be honest.
Harry is the obvious choice. With the changes in the Academy & the general consensus that she got robbed last time around, I hope Renaissance has a chance. Nothing comes close to it this year.

I'm not even entertaining an Adele win.
Ok but hear me out: Beyonce should submit nothing but America Has A Problem to Song for Social Change so she can win and prove that voters don't actually listen to the music.

I know she is one of the biggest Grammy winners in history but I'm just saying ddd....

Slice of Life

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And when Beyoncé submits Church Girl for Best Gospel Performance/Song…..
I can see Omar Apollo getting nominated across the General Field and maybe winning New Artist, "Evergreen" is exploding at the right time and feels like Grammys catnip.

Could Beyoncé break her own record of ten nominations in one year? (The fact she came close last year just between "Savage Remix", Black is King and "BLACK PARADE" still sends me.) Also I wonder if "CUFF IT" is what gets submitted for Song/Record over the lead...