Grammys 2023


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She knows something. Has mother left the building?

Now why is she posting all of this before the ceremony is over. I swear to GOD

There's something about the reactions I've seen throughout the day from some DJs and dance music luminaries to Bey winning in the Best Dance/Electronic category that bothers me because...while I think it's fair to say that the commercialization of house music in the last decade or so is a very real and problematic trend (I'm Good did not deserve a nomination, I'm sorry), it feels like the main criticism, particularly when it's aimed at Beyonce, boils down to an oddly rockist belief that pop music can't be "real dance music", that it's innately not "authentic" enough to be seen as such because it doesn't "come from the underground". Given the clear, loving inspirations behind RENAISSANCE, and also as someone who has genuine reverence for both pop and house, it leaves a really terrible taste in my mouth.
Can we fast forward to the draggings that Harry's gonna get for winning AOTY?

No because this sentence is speaking a Harry win into existence. And, though we all might come for each other sometimes and have different world views and opinions, I think we're all united in not wanting that.