Grammys 2023

I'm so tired. It's all a tangled mess of decades of disenfranchising by an industry that pulls in women, BIPOC, and queer creators when they need specific viewer demographics, or to make up for blatant prejudice at past ceremonies.

Simultaneously, The Grammys positioned themselves as the only music award body with a shred of credibility. Music listeners give less shits than ever about the VMAs, American Music Awards, and the Billboard awards. The Grammy has always been 'music's biggest prize' but that's also when there was less access to music. Award shows in general used to be event television because they aired live, you couldn't stream your favorite show instead, and the industry felt smaller because of it. The wider the industry gets, the less relevant this slice becomes.

I'm not saying they haven't made improvements, but the Grammy voting base's penchant for white rock male musicians has been there for as long as I can remember. Maybe it will change as new generations of music professionals make up the voting body, but the increase in nominees per category unfortunately does a disservice to some musicians because their votes are split by the progressive/younger/diverse voters. I wish they'd publish the actual percentages because I'm willing to bet Bad Bunny, Beyoncé, and maybe Adele split votes enough to give Harry the win. I haven't listened to his album so I can't call him undeserving but it's hard to imagine it having a 1/10th of the ambition, creativity, and mastery that RENAISSANCE has.

I don't like saying the Grammys don't matter because clearly based on some of the heartfelt speeches, they do to some of these artists. I don't think we should be writing them off completely because one album didn't win, but I just really really want them to do better and think about the infrastructure behind how these awards are given out.
She / Her
I know y'all know, but the Kim thing is really grating on me today. Of course it's a milky-white, virtueless, comedically-on-the-nose-deal-with-the-devil-style artist who nestled in with every abuser and bad man she could find and clawed for any shred of relevance she could muster by exploiting the goodwill of a the very community she claims to represent that ends up being recognized by this group. Her and Sam Smith joined forces to create the most unpleasant, banal, milquetoast amalgamation of queer motifs imaginable and this is what gets put on a pedestal as some kind of exemplary work when the only remarkable thing about it is how tragically inoffensive it all is.

Of course today my timeline is all cigs trying to act like this win is some kind of exception to the discourse about the Grammys when it is simply not the case. The speech was cute, we love SOPHIE etc, but this little girl does not represent me or my community, sorry drags!
The Grammys only care about our community when it’s a “hit” now if Ethel Cain had been nominated and won then I’d be saying trans rights!! But Kim? Nah that does absolutely nothing and we all know she doesn’t give a damn about the community unless it benefits her.
Who is he?
I would have given the Best Album Of The Year Grammy to Beyoncé over Harry any day, but I can’t help but scream at her thanking the queer community. She needs to act accordingly and stop promoting anti-gay pro-slavery Dubaï. She can’t put a blind eye on the criticism she got for that, money is not an excuse.
Let me stream Renaissance today. I'm honestly in disbelief at the academy shrinking to new lows, and was holding out during the entirety of that boring ceremony because this was Beyoncé's year. Grammy voters choose a man churning out the most bland insipid form of pop. And his speech made everything worse - People like who? X-factor contestants? People who lead their albums with 80s-inspired pop songs, or white men who dive into ambiguity for commercial gain? Let me remind everyone, the man of color responsible for igniting the 80s trend was completely and utterly snubbed in 2021.
The fact that a black woman hasn't won AOTY since Lauryn in 1999... it's just fucking weird. It's even weirder because in the '90s alone, we had 3 black female AOTY winners - Natalie Cole in '92, Whitney in '94, and Lauryn in '99. It feels like they're deliberately just not giving it to Beyonce at this point, but that doesn't make much sense to me because it would be the best press the show could get. So I'm left with the fact that the voters are just wildly out of touch. It's also worth noting that Lizzo was the first black woman to win Record Of The Years since Whitney in '94 (!!!). I feel like it's always one step up, two steps back.

Any way we can watch the Bad Bunny performance?