Grammys 2023

Question. They don't do ranked choice voting, right? So, theoretically, with ten nominees, a winner could receive just a little over 10% of the vote and win the category, right? I know that exact math is unlikely, but, still, the winner of a 10-nominee category could easily win with a very small plurality of the votes. I suppose that's one downside of the otherwise positive intent of broader representation and inclusion by selecting 10 nominees.
Let me bookmark this thread for next year when the Harry haters are yas queening over Flowers getting ROTY


I can usually glaze over his passé aesthetics, but what I hate most about every Harry Era is the sheer work the industry puts in to make sure we know How Important and Talented Harry is. God forbid the checks don’t clear one week, the psy-op lapses and he’s left exposed just one damn time.

And here we are. It's not even that much about Harry, which is why his complete lack of self-awareness ("This doesn't happen to people like me") is all the richer to witness, because he's truly the beneficiary of a years long campaign to make him... something. Anything. A Thing. They needed someone to sell. Someone who could wear a dress in Vogue, sing about eating out his girlfriend who tastes like watermelon, regurgitate Corporate Woke platitudes, but would never threaten to be anything interesting. So, yes, maybe Harry gets his name engraved on the award, and it even sits in his house, but he's honestly inconsequential. His parents may not be famous, but he's a hella successful nepo baby.