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Graphic Novels, Comics, And Zines!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kirkland, May 30, 2016.

  1. This is a safe haven for lovers of graphic novels, comics, and zines. I love them!

    Gimme Batman, 2000AD, Love And Rockets, Daniel Clowes, Raymond Pettibon, Bob Kane, Lois Lane, Paper Girls, Marvel, Alan Moore, Blue Monday, Watchmen, Brian Bolland, The Joker, DC, Vertigo, Maus, Manga, Chynna Clugston, anime...and loads, loads, loads more!
  2. My favourite Batman graphic novel (and it changes a lot) right now is The Long Halloween. The storytelling, the central mystery, the's all perfect! And it all stands up even now, years after it was first published.
  3. Lifelong comics fan here. I have a huge...knowledge of the DC and Marvel universes. If I haven't read the comics themselves, I've devoured every "Encylclopedia" I could as a child/teen so know more than I have a right to.
    Currently read Wonder Woman (waiting for it to get good again), Batman, all the X-Men titles and I dip in and out of other major Marvel titles while I'm budgeting. Oh and Saga. One of the best comics of the decade.
  4. I need to read Saga.

    I saw that Wonder Woman and Supergirl have become popular again, which is nice. Girls read and write comics too.
  5. Comics are interesting because they originally were meant for youth but only adults read them now. They are trapped by nostalgia. It's in this weird limbo space, surviving only because superhero movies are Marvel's / DC's lifeline and iconic characters like Batman and Spiderman are ingrained in the public consciousness. I can't think of any other art form / medium that has collapsed like it has.
  6. For some reason I've never been able to get into modern comics. I love old stuff, though, and I'm obsessed with pre-code horror.
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  7. [​IMG]
    LOVE THIS. I was one of those people that tutted at his popularity - until I read his stuff, then I completely understood. I'm such a fan now.
  8. Alan Moore honestly thought Watchmen would end the superhero genre, which is very optimstic of him, but you can't kill it. It'll always survive. And now it's on the big screen, superhero comics are bigger than ever.
  9. The comics aren't. Comics are effectively dying a death a medium for sales. Marvel itself is experiencing wealth like never before, however. It's ironic - early 90's and comics were booming with sales never before seen for X-Men 1 (and Spider-Man 1), then a few years later, the company was ALMOST bankrupt. Oh how times have changed.
    People/kids/teens just so rarely buy comics. They're not in the newsagents, readily available like in the old days. They're hidden away in niche stores, or people just buy the "graphic novel" collected edition from Waterstones or wherever, because of an upcoming film.
  10. Oh no! You'd think because Forbidden Planet is always mobbed that comic books are still very much a thing.

    On another note, when I heard that Peter Capaldi was cast as the new Doctor Who...I suspected that Doctor Who Adventures (the comic book aimed at kids) wouldn't sell anywhere near as much as it did when Tennant or Smith were in the TARDIS.
  11. I have Patience on my shelf, ready to read at some point soon. I've just finished reading volume 5 of Assassination Classroom. It's just as bonkers as the film which is definitely a good thing.
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  13. Why thank you very much!
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  14. I am such a massive fan of comics and graphic novels, no matter how broke I am I can always still scrape together some money so that I've got at least one graphic novel to be reading every night.

    I love all the indie classics like Daniel Clowes (Patience is great, you guys will love it), Chris Ware, Charles Burns etc. Image Comics is absolutely smashing it at the moment with all their releases, Saga, Sex Criminals, They're Not Like Us, Paper Girls and Outcast are all essential reads. I also love Marvel and have been reading Manga for years and years. I basically like a bit of everything (except DC...)

    Currently reading Octopus Pie, which is really sweet yet melancholic and about growing up into an adult and how you should know better. It really reminds me of Scott Pilgrim.

    They're Not Like Us: Some of my favourite art around at the moment, like an art house equivalent of X-Men

    Art Ops: The new project by Mike Allred who is another of my favourite artists (you must read his old Marvel series X-Statix which was so ahead of it's time and about mutants who just wanted to be famous, had my favourite Marvel character of all time Edie Sawyer, known as U-Go Girl)
  15. Wow! That's a name from the past! I used to love Blue Monday, whatever happened to her!?
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  16. She's now Chynna Clugston Flores, I think!
  17. @AceReject I love Allred. Did you read FF, his run on the "Fantastic Four"? It was a whole different team going on suitably quirky adventures, great fun! And not too long to collect either, I wanna say less than 20 issues. It was Medusa, Ant-Man, She-Hulk and Miss.Thing. Awesome series! Marvel really always beats DC in terms of providing comics with a variety of tones. This felt so 60's.

    It was a new team but reminded me WHY the Fantastic Four concept can be awesome - and how far away from that endearing quirkiness the new film was. It's surreal! I think people forget that because Fantastic Four set standard of all Superhero stories that would come after, but it's such a trip, the original F4 comics... sci-fi tropes to us now were probably pretty radical then.
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  18. Ah, and that reminds me...

    Does anyone recall this infamous comic book incident?

    I thought it was genius, in all honesty. But Marvel became a bit nervous and changed it all, so X-Statix (a bloody clever series) ended up with a different character to Princess Diana. I think they could possibly reprint this in the original form at some point.
  19. I have no issue but I can see why some might find using Princess Diana as a superhero in bad taste. It had only been a few years at that point and a little odd considering how little Marvel/DC ever depict real world people (for fear of offence).
  20. Yes! As I mentioned above X-Statix is probably my favourite comic series of all time and I bloody love a bit of Princess Diana as well so I was so looking forward to it when it came out. If the press hadn't picked up on it it would have probably just gone ahead, but then I guess they probably pimped it out to the press to boost sales and that kind of backfired.

    I'm still desperate for the return of Edie Sawyer though.
    (We've got this cover as a giant canvas in our flat)
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