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Graphic Novels, Comics, And Zines!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kirkland, May 30, 2016.

  1. I'd also say that looking up '' is often pretty accurate with comics.

    I read almost no non-Marvel/DC things, but have religiously read the INCREDIBLE (award-winning) Saga from day 1. One of the best things you'll ever read, comics-wise, can't recommend it enough. And is obviously a completely on it's own story.
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  2. I was reading that and loving but I decided to stop at the end of volume 5/6 when (minor spoilers)

    it ends with the kid starting to go to school. That's when I thought "this story is just gonna keep going forever with no real end in sight isn't it?" I'm not here for that.

    Completely unrelated, but has anyone read the Battle Chasers comics? Wonder if they're any good.
  3. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I'm really enjoying the Labyrinth Coronation comic. It's a 12-issue prequel to the 1986 movie, framed as a story Jareth is telling to baby Toby during the events of the film.

    It's set hundreds of years before the 1980s setting of the original so it doesn't feel clunky. I hope it doesn't lose way halfway through as the first four issues have been great.
  4. I devoured the whole of The Vision yesterday.


    What a fucking ride.



    So well written and so well drawn.
    10/10 would totally recommend.

    I think I'm gonna catch up with Descender today.
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  5. That looks indeed lovely and beautiful.

    I've been reading Essential Fantastic Four vol. 7. Sue has left the guys and now iconic Queen Medusa is the 4th member! It's such a shame they stopped making these volumes.

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  6. Where should I start if I wanted to read something about X-Men? I like the 'classic' squad (Storm, Jean Grey etc). Please, nothing only around Wolverine, I hate him.
  7. jtm


    I don‘t read superhero comics but I‘m a big fan of franco belgian comics. Cinebook has been releasing quite a few series in the UK. Right now I‘m trying to get into Blake & Mortimer and am almost through with Kenya.
  8. The actual classic comics are great as a starting point. No Wolverine yet, only Professor X, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Angel. Maybe the Essential format will suit you? I'm sure you can still find them on Amazon. Cheap and it's all there in 3 volumes. Each volume has about 20 to 25 comics.


    The old ones are a bit dated, but it certainly has its charms.

    You can also start with the revitalized X-Men comics that started in the 70s with Storm, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Banshee, Sunfire and Thunderbird. Even today, they still feel pretty 'fresh'. Volumes 1 and 2 contain must-read storylines like 'The (Dark) Phoenix Saga' and 'Days Of Future Past'. There are 11 volumes, going from the 70s to the very early 90s.


    For me, it was the best way to get as many comicbooks as possible. It's black and white, but it really fits the beautiful artwork, since back in the days the colour was only added afterwards anyways. There are more expensive volumes with hardcovers and in full-colour, but it will cost you and you will get less for more money.

    Overall, the attention characters get is well-balanced. I'd say Storm gets the most development, especially in the 80s.
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  9. Thank you very much! My favorite characters are Rogue and Storm... It's a shame they didn't make them justice in the movies.
  10. For the very first time, a graphic novel is in the longlist of the most prestigious literary award in the UK.

    And I have never heard of it:



    I just discovered this webcomic and I'm in love: On A Sunbeam.
    Queer people in space? Sign me up!


    Also, it seems Descender is concluding this month with issue #32, but they are already planning a sequel/spin-off for 2019:


    It'll be called Ascender, of course.
    And it will leave all the machinery aside to focus on the magic. Can't wait.
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  11. I bought a comic called Twisted Romance today (based purely on the cover to be honest), and there's loads of LGBT+ representation in it, including an asexual character, which I've never really seen in comics before. I'm really excited to get stuck in.
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  12. Batman: Three Jokers is supposedly being released this year. At last. After years of waiting. But will it be the big shocker to continuity that the writer and artist have both previously teased?


    Here's what we know so far. It isn't much.
    • It's part of DC's Black Label imprint.
    • The plot finishes off an earlier tease from Darkseid Wars in 2015.
    • Batman got hold of the Mobius Chair and was provided with any answers he might desire.
    • He asked for The Joker's real name.
    • The chair apparently answered there are three.

    Some fans have speculated that there are literally three Jokers in DC continuity. I'm guessing The Golden Age, Silver Age, and the current incarnation. The cover seems to suggest the original Joker from Batman #1. Then there's a Joker with a crowbar, which is Death In The Family. However, there's also a Joker with a cane. He seems to be The Killing Joke version. I assumed he was the same version as Death In The Family. I'm a bit unsure of what any of this means, if anything.

    Jason Fabok (the artist) artist has said the ending is the 'gutsiest thing in Batman's 80 years' which might be a hint something big is about to happen.

    I'm tentatively excited. Is anyone else though?
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  13. No.

    It’s Geoff Johns. Meh.
  14. Yes. It is. Which is not...ideal.
  15. I've just read My Brother's Husband and it might just be the cutest manga I've ever read.
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  16. I HIGHLY recommend the House of X/Powers of X books from this last summer/fall if you haven't read it yet. The story was SO GOOD. And if you read it, you'll be not far off from being current in what's going on in the X-Men world. But it is also the perfect jumping on point for anyone looking to read X-Men. And it's more about the X-Men and mutants as a whole more than any one particular character. Wolverine appears but isn't a major player in it.

    (Oh, Just realized your post is ancient, sorry!)
  17. Been giving IDW’s Transformers comics a go (reading All Hail Megatron). These are the first Transformers comics I’ve ever read and I’m rather enjoying them
  18. Anyone have any good suggestions for recent Marvel stuff I should read? I just subscribed to Marvel Unlimited and I’ve been out of the loop since around the end of Hickman’s Avenger run/Secret Wars crossover. I got the hardcover of House/Power of X at Christmas and I loved it and got a comic book craving again.

    I’ve read and loved The Vision, the Gillen/McKelvie Young Avengers series, Runaways, the most recent Kate Bishop Hawkeye series and surprisingly Gwenpool. Which is one of the best comedy books I’ve read in forever.

    I’m about to dive into the Silver Surfer/Dawn Greenwood book because I love Allred and I’ve heard great things about it.

    What are the best Marvel comics of the last few years you’d suggest for a lapsed fan?
  19. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had no idea it was coming back??????? Gagging.
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  20. It looks amazing.
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